Understand Memory Strategies for Better Memory

Understanding the process learning and remembering is essential for those who want to be successful. Basically, there are 5 steps of memory.


Input is actually the step when the new material is introduced for the first time and put into the brain. Reading the text, looking at the pictures, listening to the lectures, or just talking to other people are the ways you input the new information in the brain. Actually it is necessary to input the memory creating particular images which would be easy to recollect later. For this end it is helpful to use color, sticky notes, tape recorded messages, repeating and repeating over and over again.

Short-Term Memory

Short term memory is a working stage of memory when the brain is processing the information which you put in. Short-term memory is used when, for example, you need to remember a phone number because you don’t have a possibility to write it down. The goal is to store the information in long-term memory as thus you will be able to recall it later. And if you fail to hold onto the new material, it will soon disappear from short-term memory.

Long-Term Memory

Long-term memory is one of the memory strategies which work when a person understands the concept deeply. You take the facts from the short-term memory, think about this information for some time, analyze everything, and find a method to keep the material in the brain. As a matter of fact, long-term memory reminds a file system. It is advisable to create a link for your memory. Attach the new information to some picture or a story, even to silly ones. You may also make a kind of movie in your brain using the favorite actors. With the association the information kept in your memory will become simple to retrieve.

Storage and Retrieval

The best way for storing and retrieving long-term memory is to link the new information to an object or whatever is already familiar. The main idea is filing the details in the brain area which you will manage to access later. Imagine a balloon with a string. By grabbing the string, you can make the balloon follow you wherever you go. So, if you grab a part of the memory, the details from the long term memory will follow.


Output is the final step of memory strategies. How to make sure that you can answer the questions in the test? The most effective way to check if you know the material well enough is to talk on the topic. Only if you manage to explain the information to other people, you can be sure you will cope with the test. But if it is difficult for you to express the ideas, you ought to input the information again.

Understanding the memory strategies will help to reach success in life!

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