Why Bone Broth Is Good for Health

The world has experienced different periods of crazy diets and eating styles recently: from separate nutrition diet of Doctor Shelton to the Atkins diet, extremely rich in proteins. So attitude of different nutrition theories’ adepts to same products can vary a lot. One of such controversial products is bone broth. Recent overviews of this product helped to objectively evaluate its pros and cons. Knowing that and the fundamentals of cooking will make this dish useful and tasty.

What is inside bone broth?

Bone broth is a liquid brew cooked of bones with possible addition of some meat or by-products. All types of bone broth contain a standard set of nutrients, but their amount varies depending on its basis: bones, meat or by-products.

Bone broth is very beneficial for health and is highly rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium. This product has a rather low energy value, but it is rich in proteins. Now, having familiarized ourselves with what’s inside bone broth, we can hardly call it a useless product.

When is bone broth the most useful?

Bone broth is definitely the right food for you when you need:

To recover after heavy physical activity

Bone broth enriches the organism with iron, which is essential for proper work of all organs and systems of the body. Lack of iron leads to hemoglobin deficiency and is manifested in weakness, decreased appetite, and rapid fatigability.

To boost weight loss

Bone broth is both low-calorie and nourishing at the same time, so it is recommended for people who want to reduce their calorie intake. It contains twice as much protein as fat, and does not include carbs.

To help your gut feel happy

Macro and microelements, vitamins and minerals of bone broth are quickly absorbed in the gut and are easy to digest. Bone broth with some beef meat is well digested even by a small kid’s organism, so it is a good basis to cook soups and stews. Check here for a few amazing recipes.

One more undeniable health benefit of bone broth is its high content of gelatin, contained in bone tissues and, when chilled, it turns into jelly-like layer on broth’s surface. This natural collagen is great in terms of healing autoimmune diseases and leaky gut syndrome. Moreover, collagen is very beneficial to strengthen ligaments, joints and make them elastic.

Possible contraindications of bone broth

It goes without saying that good bone broth should be cooked with high quality ingredients. But even quality meat can be poisonous: to preserve the product longer, it is often ‘pumped’ with hormones, antibiotics and preservatives, so it can harm the body.

People suffering from gout and arthritis should be careful with bone broth (due to high content of purines in it), as well as children up to 2 years old.

Now, thinking about all advantages and possible disadvantages of this food, one can draw a conclusion on its undoubted health benefits and immune system boost. However, be careful with what you make it from, as it might play a crucial role when it comes to the usefulness of your food.

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