Earthing Is a Foremost Human Need

In simple words, earthing means a stable connection with the earth. Now it’s so widespread when people spend most of time in the city, living an unconscious hectic life, with dozens of obligations, and start feel disconnected from our main source of energy – the Earth. In this case people have lots of plans, but a minimum of results. The lack of sunlight and the energy of the earth slowly but surely pour oil on the fire of chronic ailments.

It’s not something vague and esoteric, but a very realistic physical phenomenon and all people need to contact with earth surface from time to time – that’s a scientifically proven fact – as direct physical contact with the earth boost positive physiological and emotional changes in people. To be grounded is vital for human physical, mental and emotional health. “Earthing” or “to be grounded” means interconnection with the earth at level of electromagnetic radiation. Artificial soles of our shoes literally separate us from the energy of the planet, so one of the best ways to be grounded is to walk barefoot on any natural surface – ground, sand, grass etc. At the same time, earth is the main source of antioxidants for humans.

Why is earthing essential?

Experts proved that electrons on the planet’s surface deactivate free radicals in a human body, which is used as a conductor, and electrons are directly transferred through it, where they stabilize extremely unstable radicals and protect against oxidative stress.

Recent studies proved that contact with the ground boosts the human energy potential, activates all vital functions, stimulates rapid healing of wounds and decreases stress. The study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found that earthing leads to a synchronization of cortisol secretion, which makes its levels more coordinated with a normal rhythm. And as we all know, cortisol is a hormone of stress.

Simplest ways to feel connected to the earth

If you integrate any of these simple, but effective ways of earthing on a regular basis, soon you’ll feel more stamina and energy for your everyday life.

  • When you have a chance – walk barefoot on the ground, grass or sand for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • When you feel too much mental activity in your head, it can be very exhausting, then switch to any physical activity that involves your body – it will immediately help to be more connected to yourself and more grounded.
  • Self-massage and tapping the body activate the blocked energy.
  • Bath with salt. Wiping with salt soap or taking baths with salt returns you, literally, into the body. This method is great at any time you feel tired and need more energy. It can be a good idea to add any of your favorite essential oils to bath salt, which boosts energy. Here are a few ideas for that.
  • More pure water. Water is essential for humans as it helps to disseminate energy in a human organism. Drink enough clean water every day (tea, coffee and other beverages do not count) – it will help to normalize fluids and electrolyte homeostasis in the body and thus to feel much better.

Follow these simple tips to feel grounded and well-balanced!

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