An Ode to Avocado Toast

Are all the toasts as harmful as modern magazines say? Why? What are the nutritionists’ thoughts on this issue? Let’s consider!

You have certainly heard about wholegrain bread that makes it possible to eat your favorite toasts while being on a diet. Another problem comes when we have to choose what to put on on a toasr not to make it fat and harmful for our waist. Here comes avocado!


This fruit, or vegetable (there are many disputes on its nature), takes its origins in Mexico. In times of Aztecs, the fruit’s stone was used as good means of tackling scurf and itch. Even now, avocado’s stone is used in cosmetics to make scrubs.


According to researchers, when our body experiences magnesium deficit we feel tired, bored, nothing can interest us and take out of the depression. Another symptom is stomach convulsions. Avocado is rich of magnesium, and doctors advise to add this fruit in the ration to balance magnesium level.

Medical internet journal made out number of researches dedicated to the value of avocado for pregnant women who experiences toxicosis. The reason of toxicosis is also magnesium deficit that can be cured by introducing of avocado in the daily ration.

Useful Properties

Avocado is full of group B vitamins, ascorbic acid, potassium, and dietary fibre. Potassium, by the way, has antiarrhythmic effect and helps combat water retention in soft tissues. To get acceptable daily intake of it you should eat merely half of the avocado every day.

Avocado is almost free from sugar, which makes this fruit the best choice for people who have diabetes and also for those who are on a diet.

Avocado in Meals

“Man is what he eats,”- said Ludwig Feuerbach, and not surprisingly, avocado’s flesh has been traditionally used for preparing food. It is excellently used for preparing various salads (especially in those with salmon), cold dishes, hors d’oeuvres. Japanese chefs use this fruit for cooking sushi, which is a rare case for other countries where avocado in sushi is often replaced by a usual for us cucumber. The most famous dish with avocado is Mexican guacamole which is mashed avocado with salt, lime juice and vegetables.

Still, the most frequently served dish with avocado is an avocado toast. It is an open sandwich with slices of avocado on bread. The dish was created in the countries where avocado is abundant, in Mexico and Australia, for example. First recipes are dated by 1885 when people started to use avocado as an ingredient for toasts in San Francisco Bay Area. It became the most popular breakfast for years to come.

In our days you may use various ingredients – everything you can imagine! However, be careful, and try to choose ingredients with delicate flavours as far as avocado’s flesh is incredibly soft and delicate. Some gourmands and gurus of kitchen, such as Gordon Ramsay, advice to use lemon zest in combination with sesame seeds.

Here Come Avocado Toasts of All Shapes and Sizes

Let’s see:

The variety of toppings for avocado toasts is unlimited. Some people like to edd to their avocado toast eggs in their various forms: mashed, fried, boiled and etc. Let’s see how Laura Vitale, an Italian-American television host and YouTube blogger, uses poached eggs to cook the excellent avocado toast:

One more recipe of avocado toast was found in Jamie Oliver’s YouTube blog. He also uses poached egg to cook your amazing breakfast. What were his secret ingredients? Let’s see:

In the way of conclusion we should add one interesting advice: do not be afraid to experiment! Use your imagination and your own taste preferences to achieve the best result. Good luck and take care about your health!

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