Your Face Is What You Eat: Can Wine And Sugar Make You Look Older?

Everybody knows that after a night of heavy drinking it’s easy to wake up pale and with dark bags under the eyes; and we’ve all been told as teenagers that eating lots of sweets would only make our pimples worse. But recently, naturopathy specialists have suggested that one’s skin problems can be miraculously cured by cutting out one or the other food group. Let’s ask our usual question: what does science say?


Much has been said about dairy being the main enemy of your skin. It is true that studies have found positive correlation between milk consumption and acne , but the exact mechanism remains a mystery. Hormones in the milk and protein casein are often named as the cause. While many people report great impovements after giving up dairy, remember that that milk and dairy products are extremely important sources of calcium, essential to bone growth; research has shown that a dairy-free diet can be quite detrimental to your health.

Action plan: if you suffer from acne, try to cut out dairy for a month and see what happens. Meanwhile, make sure to consume enough calcium by eating tofu and drinking soy or rice milk with added calcium.


Studies have shown that regular consumption of alcohol impairs the metabolism of vitamin A, an important anti-oxidant. As we know, anti-oxidants fight free radicals, thus slowing the aging process. Moreover, alcohol dilates our blood vessels; if your capillaries are fragile and your collagen levels are low, eventually they might start breaking, leaving purple marks on your skin. Finally, alcohol dehydrates you, which may leave your skin looking dry if you drink regularly.

Action plan: remember that It’s drinking often that will damage your skin. Many studies have continually linked the consumption of red wine to reduced risks of heart disease and diabetes. Plus, red wine is actually an anti-oxidant! So one glass of wine every other day is safe, just make sure to drink lots of water.


When we digest sugar, glucose and fructose attach themselves to molecules of collagen and elastin in a process called glycation; it makes collagen molecules unable to repair themselves. Thus, glycation leads to faster aging and wrinkling.

Action plan: keep in mind that glucose is the main source of energy for your brain, so trying to give up sugar altogether would be unwise. However, try to cut back on ice cream, cakes, and the like, and make sure to consume enough vitamins B1 and B6, which have been shown to counteract glycation.


We’ve all heard of celiac disease; however, even a milder form of gluten sensitivity may contribute to different malaises, from bloating to headaches to acne! As a recent study shows, gluten intolerance may indeed cause acne.

Action plan: while you can definitely try to cut out gluten for a month and see the effect, remember that it may also be the disbalance of your intestinal flora to cause your acne. In this case, you’ll need to drink kefir and take probiotics, but do consult a doctor first!

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