Effective Diet for Gastritis

Under the term of gastritis is understood the processes the stomach lining when it gets irritated and inflamed

Under the term of gastritis is understood the processes the stomach lining when it gets irritated and inflamed.

It is characterized by the following distinctive signs:

  • indigestion,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • abdominal discomfort and bloating,
  • stomach cramps,
  • loss of appetite,
  • also hiccups and black color stools.

Gastritis can be acute and chronic but it is unpleasant in its every representation. It is evoked by a various number of reasons such as vitamin B deficiency and viral infections, even stress can cause the condition. In case of acute gastritis it is mainly alcohol abuse as well as anti-inflammatory drugs used for a long period of time.

In order to diagnose the condition of gastritis it is necessary to carry out a set of tests as well as know the particulars of a parson’s family history. Among the number of tests there are blood test and stool test, as well as upper endoscopy and etc. There are several treatment options for gastritis. They generally depend on the severity of condition and individual characteristics as well. Very frequently among the first treatment suggestions there is diet for gastritis that is presupposed to make a person feel better.

The menu of a diet for gastritis is simple – it should contain only digestible foods. Basically the recommendations for gastritis patients in terms of any special diet plans are no very special. Diet for gastritis is mostly balanced diet that is contained of the foods that are easily digested. Moreover, another very important recommendation is that a proper meal plan was adhered to.

Among all the foods the diary products are the worst for the gastritis. They are capable of increasing the secretion of acid in the stomach and this is what causes the discomfort. It is recommended as a part of a diet for gastritis to choose low-fat foods as they are capable of regulating the levels of acid in the stomach. Besides, fiber is important in the diet plan as well as other non-acid products. Spinach and carrot juice is very helpful in alleviating the condition. It is advised in the diet for gastritis to increase the intake of the foods that can improve the digestive health and also assist in maintaining regular bowel movement.

Fruits and vegetables in the diet for gastritis should also be consumed with care. Especially it is true about tomatoes and citrus fruit and juices. They are frequently the cause behind such a condition as heartburn. It is recommended that people with gastritis problems were more careful about such foods.

Alcohol and spicy foods should be avoided by the patients with gastritis. Spices are only able to cause irritation in such people and aggravate the condition. Besides, such products as coffee and tea and caffeine products are able to increase acid levels, so they are better to be refrained from as well. Chocolate is in the same group as well, unfortunately.

It is a part of a diet for gastritis that a person should drink at least 8 glasses of fluid a day. In general, water is a part of any healthy and balanced diet but people suffering from problems with stomach should drink water more frequently. Besides, it is necessary that gastritis, if diagnosed, was treated as early as possible. It is able to cause further complications and one of them is an ulcer and even stomach cancer.

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