Watermelon Water Is not Just a Refreshing Drink

There’s evidence suggesting that watermelon can be successfully integrated in your diet as it is absolutely compatible with a healthy lifestyle. It offers a perfect mix of H2O as well as vital nutrients and vitamins. It is also benefic to include watermelon water in your detox program as it is a great means for hydration.

A typical watermelon consists of much more than just your usual H2O and sugar. Although more than 90% is water, a large array of vitamins can be found there as well.

Watermelon Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, it provides a strong protection against free radicals and as a result reduces the risks linked to cancer. 

The presence of fiber makes it a valuable ally in prevention of constipation and other problems associated with digestive tract.
  • You do know that effective hydration is the key solution for prevention of cardiovascular problems. The thicker your blood is the more effort has to go into pumping your blood.

Some consider watermelon water consumption to have considerable effect with workout performances thanks to an amino acid called L-Citrulline. This is a questionable benefit because of the small quantity of this amino acid contained in a watermelon.
  • Sugar and calories still make it a somewhat good remedy for your muscles when recovering after a physical effort.
  • Various key nutrients can be found in a watermelon, including: vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, nicotinic acid (essential human nutrient), vitamin B-6, vitamin B-9, pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5).
  • According to researches by The National Watermelon Promotion Board, watermelon is an undisputed champion for the amount of lycopene contained in it.

A Refreshing Sip for a Hot Summer Day

What is the first thing that comes in mind when you see a watermelon? It is certainly one of the most popular fruit of summer and a drink made of watermelon water is your therapy on a hot day. Watermelons are well-known for their hydration value. Here are some recipes for a healthy drink during the scorching summer days.

No need to remind women about watermelon’s caloric value. It stands at 30 Cal per 100 grams of this wonderful plant from Cucurbitaceae family.

 This only reassures our previous statement about watermelon’s various benefits for your health. You get a powerful hydration at low calories and tons of enjoyment. This watermelon water is a wonderful preventive measure for cardiovascular and digestive diseases.

Picking the Right Watermelon

It doesn’t matter how you decide to consume this fruit. The thing that really matters here is its quality. We decided to remind you about the main rules for choosing a quality fruit at your local grocery store. We advise taking a look at medium-sized watermelons and they should be pretty heavy for their size. Don’t neglect the yellowish spot on a side of the fruit. It suggests that the watermelon is ripe; it should be of a creamy yellow color. This spot shouldn’t be white. Avoid a “pig tailed” watermelon as it suggests that the fruit was detached from the vine way too early and when it is ripe it detaches easily from the vine leaving a short and dry tail. Lastly, don’t forget to thump the fruit and see how it sounds. If it sounds hollow on the inside then it probably is ripe, it shouldn’t sound dull, in this case, the possibility of getting a low quality product is increased.

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