The Most Common Early Symptoms of Heart Diseases

Actually heart disease is one of the most common health problems today. As a matter of fact heart diseases are number 1 killers of both women and men.

In fact, heart disease may indicate several health conditions. For example, coronary artery disease is very common, and most people generally think of this disorder type when they hear of a heart disease.

The fact is that there are other health problems in the group of heart diseases, which includes such conditions as heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart valve disease, vascular disease and congenital heart diseases.

All of the above mentioned issues can become severe health disorders if not treated properly and timely.

One thing that may identify an early sign of heart disease is the risks for individuals who are most prone to developing a heart disease. Basically, the health risks include older age, being male, a family history of certain heart diseases. Post-menopausal women, also people of the Native American, Mexican American or African American race are most susceptible to suffering from heart diseases of different types.

If an individual has some risk factors of those described above in the article, this can indicate to early symptoms of heart disease and other health problems related to the heart functions.

Among other risk conditions we can name high levels of cholesterol, smoking, a sedentary style of life, stress, uncontrolled diabetes, and excessive weight.

As a matter of fact, angina is among most widely spread early symptoms of heart disease. This includes discomfort, pain, chest aching, heaviness in the chest, in the zone of the shoulder, jaw or arm.

If you are developing a heart disease it would be useful to know that another early symptom of heart diseases is heart palpitations, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, dizziness periods, faster heart rate, sweating and nausea.

Actually the severity and type of the symptoms mentioned above could indicate various health problems, including heart diseases.

If an individual is experiencing one or several of the symptoms described in the article or has some other risks of heart disease or suffers from some health problems, he or she should immediately see the doctor.

Actually heart disease is a health problem which can never be taken lightly due to the fact that this health issue could produce serious complications.

All the health disorders generally get worse progressively if not properly treated. So, don?t waste your time and if you think you might be having a heart disease, visit the doctor.

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