Senior Sexuality Facts

Aging has always been an inevitable and puzzling process for all the human beings. It is all the more interesting and mysterious as it is irreversible. There are a lot of explanations as well as assumptions on the account of aging as well as senior sexuality. The topic will never seize to be the burning issue and attract attention.

There are enough of scientific explanations on the account of aging in general and senior sexuality alternations in particular. The major principle behind all of them is actually the same – all organisms no matter organic or not tent to deteriorate with time, lose some of their qualities and functions. It is not in our nature to get younger of healthier with age – the rule is that we get older and die. This is sad but it is a given. Senior sexuality in this respect is much the same – it reduces, it is in our nature.

There are two types of aging that scientists distinguish – biological and chronological. The processes are interconnected. In case of chronological aging, it is years that count; while biological aging is exactly how your body changes with all these years. Modern science and medicine has gone pretty far in the attempt to slow down the biological aging. As long as there is nothing to be done with chronology – time cannot be stopped or reversed, it seems that some tricks can make a person stay healthier longer as well as allow him or her look younger. Senior sexuality is also taken into consideration.

There are a lot of aging theories and one of them deals with genetics. It claims that aging is decoded in our genes and therefore is inevitable so far.

Next very popular theory is about stress and its harmful impact on health. It isn’t news that stressful situations and surroundings negatively affect a person both in physical and psychological sense. Still, there is a supposition that they also cause premature aging process as well as affect senior sexuality.

In the free radical theory the whole thing is about free radicals, or loose highly reactive body chemicals. They are believed to be the reason behind the damage of tissues and aging as a result.

Aging represent itself both physically and psychologically. It is a serious a gradual change towards the deterioration and in many respects it affects sexual desire. It is a hard trial and senior sexuality is a very frequently discussed issue. A lot of people tend to have less both energy and desire; and even if it is understandable and normal that does not make a situation easier.

Aging is accompanied with hormonal changes that affect senior sexuality . It is frequently the reason behind our low sex drive. It is true for both men and women that testosterone and estrogen levels retrospectively lower and so does the desire for sex as well.

The second and also a very contributing factor of senior sexuality reduction lies in the society and its expectations. It is frequently believed by the people themselves that as long as they are getting old, sex should shift into the background and disappear at all. However, this should not necessarily be the case with every person and every senior couple. This sphere is very individual as well as every person’s abilities and requirements.

Aging does necessarily mean that a person should give up sex. surely enough, senior sexuality can not be compared with the one in youth. In case your sexual drive has lowered but you still want it, there are a lot of healthy ways to return things back on track. Both medications and various sexual activities can improve the situation miraculously.

Besides, a proper psychological mood will contribute a lot into your attempts of having healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships with your partner. Senior sexuality is not something that a person should be ashamed about.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that a person can be done about aging. At least, so far. And perhaps, the best thing to do is to take it for granted and enjoy one’s life. The same refers to different experiences and senior sexuality is not in the last place.

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