Narcissistic Personality Disorder Traits

Narcissistic personality disorder cannot be considered a very frequent condition. It refers to the group of mental disorders that contains also the following illnesses: ‘antisocial personality disorder’, ‘borderline personality disorder’ and ‘histrionic personality disorder’. The latter are more frequent than the topic discussed; however that does not make it less interesting.

  • One of the major narcissistic personality disorder traits is that a person is self-centered to the extent that he or she starts lacking any ability of empathy. This disorder is characteristic both to kids and adults (latter usually develop it from childhood). Obsession with the idea of self and self-admiration are the key features of the disorder. However, there are plenty of other narcissistic personality disorder traits that distinguish a narcissistic person.
  • Self-importance sense is something that is very well developed in a narcissistic person. It is frequently stands out as one of the most striking features.
  • Next among narcissistic personality disorder traits is excessive self-admiration. The need to be admired all the time cannot be considered healthy in any way as it is fairly impossible for any person to be a center of attention all the time. However, a narcissistic person tends to develop anxiety and gets restless if this attention is not given to him and his importance is not reaffirmed all the time.
  • It is very common for a narcissistic person to cherish the idea that they are somewhat very special and therefore are designed for special attention.
  • Jealousy is also may be frequently met in such people as well as their wrong assumption that everyone around envies them.
  • Generally, people demonstrating narcissistic personality disorder traits are unable to cause harm to other people. Still, they are frequently are very manipulative and capable of sometimes rather dishonest steps on the way to achieving their goals.
  • Children with narcissistic personality disorder traits are frequently arrogant and disrespectful for the feelings of others. Frequently such kids require attention and even special help.
  • It is normal for a person with such a disorder to be overly emotional and capable of hurting people without thinking.
  • Among other characteristics of narcissistic people there is a tendency to sulk if being hurt and not show their feelings easily.
  • Due to the fact that they believe in their exclusiveness and even superiority, people with this disorder tend to set unrealistic goals and they are very obsessed about them. Besides, they are prone to overestimating their abilities and talents and do not doubt themselves. Such an approach does not justify itself very often, however. This leads to irritation and anxiety.
  • Talents and achievements are not only exaggerated frequently by such people but also they boast and get really shocked if being criticized.
  • Narcissistic personality disorder traits cannot be studied separately from the general studying of a person and the other symptoms and so on.

Critical cases of narcissistic personality disorder require treatment. The degree of self-obsession in some people tends to be rather great and if it starts complicating a person’s communication with other people, measures should be taken. Psychotherapies are able to help in the improvement of the condition and help people with such a disorder to lean more efficient communicative patterns. Sessions of certain psychotherapy teach empathy and understanding as well as adequate evaluation of self and others. Such therapies can be very effective and they often help solving a lot of intricate problems of a person with narcissistic personality disorder traits.

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