Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Youth is a Serious Problem

Many clinical reports pointed to the rising incidence of alcohol and drug abuse among young people.

Drug abuse among the youth is a severe problem in most countries. It results in different consequences at the social, economic, legal and health level. Apart from the economic cost, drug abuse in the youth causes juvenile delinquency, social impairment and psychological problems. Additionally, due to drug abuse lots of people are injured, engage in promiscuous sex and fall victims to violence.

Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin are the misused addictive substances. Due to easy availability of different addictive substances in each corner of the country, the situation is worsening. In fact, alcohol is one of the most pervasive drugs. Teens can get it at different parties, or get receive from older friends of legal age, or can raid the liquor cabinets of the parents. Tobacco is also legally available and smoking is extremely addictive too.

The media plays an avoidable role encouraging alcohol use among the youth and teenagers who often celebrate different occasions with champagne and beer. Smoking is also glamorized by film industry. The University of California conducted a survey to review top films in terms of money-making in the period between 1991 and 1996 discovered that 80 % of the leading characters smoked.

The moderate alcohol use is thought as perfectly acceptable in almost all social circles. However, acceptance of moderate alcohol use by adults automatically sends a kind of message to teens that alcohol consumption does not have inherent danger. Many people consider cigarettes and light drugs as absolutely harmless.

Going to the disco and rave parties has evolved a problem boost.

Alcohol and drug abuse is showing an alarming proportion among the youth. Teenagers and young people finding themselves in bad conditions are most exposed to drug abuse; in particular this concerns street kids and drop-outs. Peer pressure and easy drug availability increase the risks that young people will start their self-destructive way.

Mainly there are 5 reasons why the youth are drawn to alcohol and drug abuse:

  1. They tend to behave like grown-up
  2. They are trying to fit in
  3. Young people want to feel good and relaxed
  4. They desire to rebel and take risks
  5. The teens try to satisfy the curiosity

Religious and social institutions took a note of the ever growing problem of young alcohol and drug abuse. Sincere efforts are made by numerous organizations and individuals in combating this grave problem.

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