Family Therapy Techniques

Family therapy techniques have got the aim of helping families and their members to cope with a different range of problems. These techniques provide assistance in cases of different complexity ranging from substance abuse, depression and mental illnesses. They are also help to find understanding for the members of the family and provide the view of different perspectives and so on.

There exist different family therapy techniques.

To begin with a structural family therapy, it is a special technique that helps a family to feel united and aims at resolving any quarrels and misunderstandings through the means of communication. Members of the family are able to discuss their problems with a psychotherapist as well as each other and this is very effective. In real life it might be a real problem as not every family practices proper communication actually. In fact, in many families members either lack the skills or are unwilling to take an effort. Among other family therapy techniques that practice different approaches a structural therapy presupposes that a family should meet together for joint sessions. They aim at clearing the misunderstandings and letting family members give vent for their feelings on every account of their dissatisfaction. Major topics of structural family therapy are ill family co-operation, outbursts of anger and substance abuse.

When it comes to strategic family therapy techniques, the system is different. A psychotherapist tends to work with every case and applies individual approach. Moreover, an individual strategy is offered and all the goals and results are monitored and evaluated throughout the process of the therapy. A therapy should help and not make things worse. Marriage counseling refers to these family therapy techniques. They help a couple to sort things out and finds solutions to the problems they are unable to find themselves.

The functional family therapy techniques aim to increase the level of understanding in the family. Its goal is to create a creative dialogue among family members and reduce the feelings of disappointment, anger and frequently hatred. It is also very helpful for the parents with problematic kids. Therapy aims at providing clues for better understanding of each other and their points of view and so on. It is one of frequently used family therapy techniques for the people with severe behavioral disorders from poor families. Functional family therapy techniques are most frequently used for troubles teenagers as well.

All family therapy techniques have got a system and a structure thought different depending on the type of the therapy. First step that a psychotherapist takes is collects all the information about a family. He or she works with every member individually and them with the whole family as a unit. The fair fighting techniques are very popular part of such counseling as they give a chance to give vent to the feelings of rage and dissatisfaction if such are present. Internal family issues are also successfully dealt with a technique of reframing. It allows reframing the situation and replace the harsh words and actions with polite ones. Resolutions are found faster after such work.

Family therapy techniques are helpful and effective in many cases and it is nothing shameful to apply for help if you family is on the edge of a ruin.

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