Stop Smoking Plan – Tips to Cope with Smoking Habit

It’s not easy to control the urge to not smoke, in particular when your friends smoke, with all these smoking zones. It always poses temptations where you can give in and smoke, but relapsing in smoking is not what you wanted. Let’s look at the tips which help to stop smoking.

Self Motivation

You need to tell yourself smoking causes health problems such as cancerous diseases and you do not like to deal with them. Smoking ruins your skin, making you look much older and can provoke permanent skin damage. When you quit, you will see that all the senses will become sharper. Surely you will avoid such smoking problems as recurring coughs and runny nose. Staying clear you encourage other people to stop smoking.


Stop smoking plan should be thoroughly composed so you need to take into account all the details of your lifestyle. Every time you want to light up a cigarette, take a chewing gum or candy to distract the mind. It is good to have on hand some munchies like mini fruit salad, thus you can eat healthy food rather than gorge down on fast food as binging is often noticed in people who try to quit smoking.

Avoid smoking areas

Eating out is full of temptations that’s why it is advisable to choose an area which prohibits smoking. Thus you will not be drawn to smoking. Point out to the family members and friends who smoke that you want to stop smoking and that it would be nice if they didn’t smoke in front of you.


Yoga classes and physical therapy will be a good part of your stop smoking plan as these exercises help to cope with urges and stay concentrated when treating your smoking addiction. Meditation is widely known for its valued purposes. Attending some meditative classes can help you combat smoking.

Time killers

It is nice to become a part of the neighborhood’s committee, for example, or do some other activities to distract yourself and take your free time. This will immerse the concentration all the time, and without any chance of entertaining smoking cravings. Set up a party from time to time or go for a trip with friends – on the whole you are to be busy almost all the time with pleasant activities.

The stop smoking plan will help you get rid of the bad habit and you will be healthy and happier. And remember one thing the sooner you start your stop smoking plan, the better.

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