Natural Ways to Help You Stop Smoking For Good

There are numerous products helping you to stop smoking. Medications and chemicals line the shelves in drug stores, which prove the popularity of easy and quick supplements. There are natural ways you can use to fight the addiction.

Herbal remedies

St. John’s Wort is a natural anti-depressant. The medical community has discovered that the herb may be helpful not only in treating depression. Recent studies showed that the herb lessens the cravings in smokers.

St. John’s Wort increases dopamine levels in the brain. Smokers lose dopamine after they stop smoking. Actually, dopamine loss might increase cravings and depression. This treatment works effectively when you give up smoking.


The common problem of quit smoking plans is that they don’t address the addiction. Some plans provide a replacement to nicotine effects, likes nicotine patches. Thus smokers cannot find a method to cope with cravings.

Hypnotherapy uses a psychological approach dealing with smoking. With hypnotherapy relaxation the therapist actually has a way to send a message to avoid cigarettes and stay away from psychological dependency. Hypnotherapy patients generally relax on a sofa in order to relax the mind. At times music can be added to make the patient fall to subconscious mind.

Cold Turkey

“Cold Turkey” is the most popular natural way to give up smoking. The process is straightforward as it includes quitting without product help. For those who are strong willed, cold turkey is the best method to stop smoking naturally.

Unluckily, this way might be the hardest as there isn?t a gradual smoking decrease, but an abrupt stop smoking strategy is used. Smokers have to resist without psychological means or drugs. There are several ways to avert withdrawal effects and cravings. Drinking much water will help the organism to remove harmful remnants from smoking. The withdrawal is the worst part because of the toxins found in the body. It is better to combine several methods to fight the effects, especially in the first days.

If a person has cravings, he or she may find certain smoking substitutes like eating something, drinking juice, and focusing attention on something else.

As a matter of fact, there are more natural ways to help you stop smoking. The 3 mentioned are indeed the most widely spread practices to quit smoking. Basically natural ways to stop smoking will not work for every person. However these natural ways give smokers different options in their attempt to give up smoking.

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