Ways to Alleviate Hay Fever Symptoms

Hay fever produces the most irritating and persistent conditions that often provoke mental stress. What might seem to others just a reaction to dust, pollen, or other irritants present in the environment, can assume huge proportions to the people who suffer from serious attacks.

People trying to deal with hay fever symptoms: running nose, itchy dry nostrils, mouth roof, inflamed eyes, coughing, painful sinuses, wheezing or even asthma are not able to cope with daily work and life. If a symptom would appear it would be easy to demand relief but if things get worse, 10 to 1 the symptoms go in turn and people become miserable.

Anti-histamine medications can be used as a part of preventative plan for hay fever before the seasons suspected of triggering allergies, or may be taken for urgent relief when allergic responses are really acute.

Many people having hay fever are grateful to puffers and anti-histamines for the relief they provide. But, it is rather easy to fall into habitual usage. It would be better to seek other options. It is wise to review natural remedies, acupuncture treatment, homeopathic medications, certain nutritional adjustments, and more. For people experiencing serious hay fever symptoms there are several hints for potential help.

Keep some frozen peas in a sandwich bag, wrap them in a paper towel or tissue and place gently over the nose and eyes when sneezing, itching, and when breathing is impossible due to inflammation. Do not take too many peas ? you need just a few to cover the zone you want to treat.

Inhaling pine, eucalyptus or peppermint oil gives comfort and helps to open the airways; however it usually gives just a temporary relief.

It is comforting to drink herbal teas like nettle or chamomile leaf tea.

Slice garlic on a piece of bread and eat it every day ? this will ease the lung state in several days but will not provide an immediate sense of relief. As a matter of fact, many people suffering from hay fever consume garlic for this end.

If coughing becomes threatening and the throat itches, it is recommended to take some honey (a teaspoon is enough) as it will soothe the throat.

If wheezing caused by hay fever transforms into an asthma spasm and you cannot use the puffer, then press your fist in the solar plexus zone beneath the sternum, between the ribs, till you can feel the muscular spasm seat and press for several seconds. This is a nice alternative to puffer, which will give you time to return to a normal breathing pattern.

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