Causes of Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are very frequent among people. Actually, they are the most frequent complaint that patients apply to a doctor with. Causes of migraine headaches are not clear even now but there have been made a lot of researches in order to find them.

It is considered that foods can be among causes of migraine headaches. Cheese, chocolate and citrus fruits are supposed to be the common triggers of headaches in many men and women with migraines as well as coffee and related stuff. The same refers to some Chinese foods.

Next in the list of causes of migraine headaches is stress. It is actually everywhere around both in the family and at work and it is easily explains why people suffer from migraines frequently even at the weekends. In this case the best treatment offered is relaxation.

Hormones fluctuations can also evoke migraines. This especially refers to women and particularly in their menopausal period. They are also frequent before and after menstruations and are not really pleasant.

Some scientists suppose that migraines are genetically defined. A person with examples of migraines in his family history is likely to develop migraine headaches as well. In this case it is likely to manifest in the very early age.

There are also sensory causes. They are either visionary or olfactive. Bright or flickering lights or strong perfumes and any strong smells refer to this group.

Changing of sleep patterns is also included into the list of causes of migraine headaches. Some people react very badly if they have to go somewhere where sleep and activity time is shifted. It can easily cause headaches and general feeling of being unwell.

Migraines are also frequently evoked by medications. A lot of drugs claim it as their side effect. It is recommended to consult your doctor on the account of possible adverse effects and migraines in particular.

Magnesium deficiency has recently become considered as one of the causes headaches. With not enough of magnesium the nerves within the brain misfire evoking therefore migraines and visual problems. That is why nowadays a lot of doctors offer magnesium supplements for migraine treatment. In many cases they prove to be effective.

Other causes of migraine headaches include low blood sugar, motion sickness as well as weather changes and high altitude. There are a lot of other suspected and they do really make a person feel unwell and suffer from migraine headaches.

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