Can You Detect Bipolar Disorder Symptoms ?

Bipolar disorder is an illness generally related to mood swings. This is a type of depression some people might have. Bipolar disorder often takes a toll on people’s life. Extreme swings of mood either low or high are typical for the illness. People with BD can lead a normal life; the differences happen with the onset of illness.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder include extreme mood swings which make people feel like in 2 different worlds. Such people become irritable under the attacks and show euphoric symptoms. They might talk too much and seem totally in thought and sometimes have racing thoughts. Because of disorder extremity on the upper side, people show a high self esteem feeling they can rule the world. This makes them hyperactive.

A recklessness sense is also among bipolar disorder symptoms. This sense makes people with BD dive in the lowest. They do things on impulse, including unplanned shopping, traveling and there is nothing that can stop them. Some people engage in careless driving and promiscuous sex. They might engage in risky business. As bipolar disorder has 2 sides, the sufferers may become absolutely depressed, may feel helpless and worthless. They experience very low self esteem; the levels of energy fall significantly.

Among bipolar disorder symptoms there is poor concentration. The concentration span in patients deteriorates; they seem distant by what is around them. Cases are known when people with bipolar disorder feel suicidal. That’s why it is crucial to control them carefully. BD sufferers lose interest in the hobbies and activities they used to enjoy. Actually they can become lonely and feel guilty about what is happening to them. The speech tends to become slurred and people have poor coordination trying to perform certain activities.

Insomnia is also one of the bipolar disorder symptoms. People affected by bipolar disorder may put in hours in the work although they cannot do anything because they are easily distracted. These people might speak extremely fast and do not manage to keep silence. They become restless and may move all parts of their body. The movements typical for people with bipolar disorder are pacing up and down and tapping the feet. The patients become flamboyant in dressing and very often their wardrobes contain very colorful clothing. In fact, in serious cases, these individuals might suffer from delusions and hallucinations. Therefore it is crucial to seek a medical help if these symptoms appear to get the necessary treatment.

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