Signs of Hypertension in Women

High blood pressure or, how it is also called, hypertension is a very tricky condition that is able to cause a lot of health problems. It does not have any distinct symptoms as some other illnesses and is generally diagnosed during the blood-pressure check. It is frequently inherited or acquired as a result of certain lifestyle choices. There are a lot of factors in the course of a modern life that are capable of evoking hypertension signs in a person. The worst part of the unpleasant condition, however, is its consequences. Hypertension can cause heart attack and stroke as well as kidney failure and etc. – it is very important not to leave it neglected.

140 or over for systolic, or 90 or over for diastolic blood pressure is considered high blood pressure. It is very much recommended to check your blood pressure on a regular basis in case you smoke and have got diabetes or high cholesterol levels. The same refers to people who have got hypertension cases in their family history.

When it comes to sings of hypertension in women, the first thing that comes to mind is menopause. It is the most risky period to develop the condition and as long as the levels of estrogen decrease, the chances of blood pressure to go up increase. Actually, pre- and postmenopausal women have less risk than men to suffer from the condition in general. Basically, signs of hypertension in both men and women are the same.

As long as hypertension does not really have very distinct symptoms that can be referred only to it, a lot of women confuse them with the signs of some other conditions they may suspect. In many cases signs of hypertension are so blurred that they are only diagnosed during a check-up.

One of the first actual signs of hypertension is headaches. They occur as a result of pressure in the blood vessels running through the head – they cause pressure to nerves and therefore headaches happen. It is frequently supposed wrongly by many women that it is stress and lack of sleep or excess of caffeine are the reasons. While all the way it is hypertension.

Vision problems are very frequent in women who suffer from hypertension. It is frequently either double vision or blurred vision and it is frequently is not taken as a sign of high blood pressure.

Among other signs of hypertension nosebleeds can also be distinguished. Tiny blood vessels located in the nose get pressure and end up with the vessels: rupture and bleeding. Frequently this sign is supposed to be evoked by allergy not hypertension.

Heart palpitations are also frequent among the signs of hypertension. They happen as heart rate fluctuates. They are frequently referred as the symptom of stress and the like. While it is hypertension and it requires attention and treatment.

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