Sleep Deprivation Side Effects

The speed of modern life is very fast, much faster than it was even some decades ago. It seems sometimes that 24 hours a day is not exactly enough for all the things that a person may plan. In the best daily schedule a person should have 8 hours for sleep as well as 8 hours of work and 8 hours are designed for relaxation. Still, it is not always feasible.

However, things are not that simple. It is not always that a person works for 8 hours a day, sometimes he or she has to work longer hours and the job itself is pretty enduring. Besides, time for meals, commuting, household chores and solving other problems take a lot of time that is supposed to be our sleep and rest let alone fun. A lot of people still prefer to sleep less and have more fun which results in sleep deprivation and all the consequences.

Sleep deprivation side effects are bad for the organism as a person needs an adequate amount of sleep in order to be able to function well. As it has been already mentioned, a person needs on average at least 8 hours of healthy sleep. This is the necessary time for an organism to get a proper rest and rejuvenate itself. Surely enough, there are people who say that they can do with 4-5 hours of sleep and that this is absolutely enough for them. Still, notwithstanding the fact that an organism is a very enduring thing, it is not made from steel and it is able to start malfunctioning when its resources come to an end. Body as well as mind should get sufficient amount of rest; while sleep deprivation side effects can be really serious. Besides, chronic sleep loss can be fraught with even worse consequences.

Sleep deprivation side effects include headaches and dizziness and also vision problems. Nausea is also frequent as well as general feeling of weakness. Moreover, sleep deprivation affects directly the immune system of a person in a bad way – with an organism that does not get enough rest all the colds and flu and infections stick much faster.

Other sleep deprivation side effects include stress and anxiety and constant feeling of irritation. It is also frequent that a person loses the ability to concentrate perfectly and alertness reduces pretty much. Sometimes memory loss can occur.

A person who does not get enough amount of sleep looks and feels tired and exhausted and feels unable to perform daily tasks adequately. Baggy eyes and grayish skin does not become any person and lack of sleep is exactly what leads to it.

When it comes to kids, they need healthy sleep even more than adults. Their growing organisms require rest and sleep deprivation can affect them worse that adults they haven’t saved enough resources so far. Sleep deprivation side effects in kids manifest themselves in the extreme tiredness and inability to study and all the other symptoms that have already been aforementioned only worse as these are kids.

Learning and deciding and making any steps and so on is complicated with a blurred mind due to inadequate amount of sleep. Multitasking comes especially hard in these cases as well as any attempts for creativity.

Sleep deprivation side effects is loss of alertness as it has been said. So many accidents and injuries happen due to the person’s lack of attention stemming from lack of sleep. Reaction gets retarded and so coordination, motor skills deteriorate and this is frequently fraught with a lot of problems.

Mind and body regeneration is impossible without sufficient sleep. While it can be problematic to sleep 8 hours at night some daily naps can help. It is better if a person has got a fixed schedule of bed and nap time as it helps an organism to build a system when it rests. It is even more important when referring to kids. It will also help to avoid unnecessary sleep deprivation side effects.

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