DO’s and DON’Ts to Relieve Sunburns

As vocations approach, people are usually so thirsty of sun, sea and beach leisure, that they do not think too much of sun exposure danger. But in the highest and often hottest season of summer, sunburn might be one of the most common dangers. Here is the selection of the most effective DO’s and DONT’s to minimize consequences of sunburns.

Sunburn is a reddish painful condition of the skin because of overexposure to UV radiation. The skin gets extremely dehydrated. In extreme cases can cause serious damage to health. So it’s much smarter to treat it as soon as possible.

DO’s after sunburn

Take a cold shower

Turn on cool water, which will have a pleasant soothing effect on skin irritation. Use a soap-free shower cream (it will soften the skin), apply it with your hands, not with a washcloth. Do not rub the skin with a towel, pat it with light patting movements or dry it naturally.

Moisturize the skin and drink lots of water

Rich moisturizing is necessary at all stages of sunburn: from reddening to peeling, especially effective with aloe vera or soy. Before using your daily moisturizing lotion, reread carefully what is written on the label. If it contains salicylic or other acids, skin wills most likely burn after such a remedy.

Soothe the skin

After sun exposure, UV rays absorbed by the skin continue to cause their harmful effect. After-sun products do not only chill, but also soothe redness and burning. This is necessary, but not enough. Masks, creams, balms, oils and gels prevent early peeling, they heal, restore the hydrolipid barrier, strengthen the capillaries, and prevent photoaging. Finally, they activate synthesis of melanin, so that your suntan lasts longer. Apply after-sun products at least 5-6 times a day. Select after-suns with panthenol, bisabolol, aloe vera, beta-carotene, vegetable oils.

Use sunscreens

If your sunscreen does not protect against sunburns, purchase a new one with a higher SPF or other brand. Spray is the most convenient type of product (not a cream with a dispenser), for the face use a fluid with the highest possible factor of UV protection.

Try homemade recipes

If you do not have a special cosmetic product at hand, you can try a few useful products straight from you fridge.

  1. Soak a soft cloth in cold fatty milk and press it against the burnt area. Milk proteins and fats relieve discomfort of sunburn. Kefir and yogurt are not suitable, because they dry out the skin, pulling it together.
  2. Honey perfectly heals wounds and helps to grow new cells. It is quite difficult to apply it to the entire body for a long time, but will come in handy as a local compress.
  3. Vinegar normalizes the pH-factor of the skin, has an antiseptic and chilling effect.
  4. Fill the bathtub with as cold as possible, but still comfortable water. Add ½ cup of ground oatmeal or baking soda. Both products soothe the skin very good.
  5. Use ice cubes with chamomile or tea infusion on your face and body. Just do not apply an ice cube at the same place for longer than 10 seconds: you do not really need an ‘ice’ burn.

DON’Ts after sunburn

DO NOT make a peeling

No matter how much you want to get rid of the old skin, forget about scrubs for a while. They will only harm. Once the burns are fully healed, pave the way to the new epidermis with ANA acids: use fruit peels twice a week for a month. The procedure boosts the growth of new, healthy cells, along the way eliminating unnecessary ones, because of which the skin becomes covered with spots and imperfections.

DO NOT wear tight clothes

Now the skin is so sensitive to tactile contacts. Do not wear tight clothes, choose free tunics and floaty dresses, made of natural cotton, silk, flax. Before get dressed, you can put the clothes in the fridge. The cooling effect will last a few minutes only, but these minutes will be so pleasant!

No makeup

If you feel comfortable without makeup and can abandon it for a few days, then do it. Refuse in favor of Use a light mineral powder instead of a thick tonal basis. Before applying any cosmetics, think about whether it will not hurt you to remove it in the evening.

DO NOT go out in the sun

If, despite the sunburn, you are dragged out into the street, find a shadow. If it’s not there, create a shadow for yourself. Put on a loose blouse with long sleeves and loose trousers, a wide-brimmed hat, hide your eyes behind dark sunglasses, and use a large umbrella.

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