The Rhinoplasty Procedure Facts

Rhinoplasty is not a very well-recognized word so far but it simply means nose surgery. It has become very popular recently and a lot of people with the need to improve their nose appearance apply for it.

The rhinoplasty procedure starts with a check-up and investigation of a person’s medical history. Then the question about anesthesia is resolved. Anesthesia is administered in different amounts and of various kinds depending of the type of nose job, severity and complexity of surgery planned and also individual intolerances and probable allergic reactions of a person. First of all local anesthesia such as lidocaine or marcaine with epinephrine is applied. It is used in order to prevent a person from any feeling in the place of a surgery. It is also frequent with some surgeons to use a diluted form of cocaine mixed with epinephrine in order to shrink the mucous membranes inside the nose. This also helps to lower blood flow to the area.

The rhinoplasty procedure has got two different approaches. A lot of the success depends on a surgeon’s skill and professionalism. However, both methods, if carried out beautifully, are able to produce great results.

The rhinoplasty procedure can be internal. It is medically called internal (endonasal) rhinoplasty and it presupposes that any incisions are made inside of the nose and none on the external part. It is a very difficult operation and requires a lot of skill from a surgeon as all the work should be done from the inside of the nose and outside work is minimal.

The rhinoplasty procedure can also be external. In this case it is named external rhinoplasty or open-tip rhinoplasty and presupposes that incisions are made on the outside of the nose right at the crease where the nose joins the face. This is also a very complicated operation but because of the location of the incisions the scars are invisible. This type of surgery is generally used in the cases when skin and cartilage tissue require more serious manipulation.

Both local and general anesthesia can be applied in case of these surgeries. Generally the rhinoplasty procedure takes from two to four hours depending on the complexity of the case. In both cases it all depends on a surgeon and his skill. The choice between internal or the external incision methods is frequently made by him and also preferences of a patient also taken into consideration.

Before the rhinoplasty procedure a pictures are taken in order to see where work should be done and also what the desired result should be. The symmetry and the shape of the nose are examined carefully and all the future changes and steps are thought through. That is why this very kind of surgery is frequently considered less surgery and more art. The changes are small but they should be done artfully and the result should not be worse that the initial image was. Surely enough, it is very hard to tell whether the desired form was achieved or not because of the swelling but professional doctors guarantee that a person will not be disappointed as long as the swelling goes away.

The rhinoplasty procedure is finished with a surgeon checking the blood vessels and nostril openings and all the other important things. This is done before closing the nose and it is also an important part as everything should work properly. No matter whether the surgery was internal or external a surgeon uses very small sutures resembling the ones used on cardiovascular surgery to close the incisions. They therefore will become very small and almost invisible.

The final part of the rhinoplasty procedure presupposes the installment of a small splint around the nose. It serves to protect the nose from any possible outside damages. It is prepared before the surgery and left in the nose after it for about two days and then removed. Next and the final step is recovery. On the first stages it will be accompanied with painful sensation and some swelling and a need for antibiotics. However, later you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your nose as you wanted it.

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