Detect Reactive Arthritis Symptoms Early

Reactive arthritis is often determined as Reiter’s Syndrome. It is recognized by redness, heat and swelling in the joints. In particular it attacks the spine however it may be seen also in other joints, as well as in the urinary tract and eyes. Reactive arthritis is in a group of arthritic disorders called spondylarthropathies. Actually the disease goal is the spine. Reactive arthritis symptoms include skin sores, weight loss, swelling and fever, ulcers in the mouth.

Reiter’s Syndrome causes are not yet confirmed. The disease may affect anyone and anytime. Scientists discovered a connection between genetics and chances of having reactive arthritis. In some families this disorder is more prevalent. 75% of people with Reiter’s Syndrome have a common gene which was proven to trigger the disease. Most often affected people are white men from 20 to 40 years old. The condition may follow previous infections in the urinary tract, small intestine and genitals. The disease may be linked to contamination with salmonella, therefore you should make sure you cook foods well to protect yourself.

Reactive arthritis can affect different body parts. Some of the reactive arthritis symptoms include:

  • Skin sores show themselves at the startup of the problem.
  • Reactive arthritis makes people more prone to different urinary tract infections. These conditions are to be treated very soon.
  • Swelling of the joints and pain
  • Stiffness of the joints, lack of mobility
  • Eyes inflammation: reactive arthritis affects the eyes and it’s necessary to seek help from specialists as soon as you can.

Basically, many treatments for reactive arthritis should be used to maintain a person’s health and help them live a better live.

  • NSAIDS and other similar medicines work as anti inflammatory agents.
  • Skin medications and antibiotics may be taken to cure the sores found in different parts of the body.
  • Urologists prescribe drugs to treat urinary infections
  • Occupational treatments keep the affected joints mobile.
  • And physiotherapists recommend an exercise program to reduce pain and joints swelling.
  • Skin problems will be taken under control by dermatologists.
  • To fix eyes problems and inflammation of the eyes caused by reactive arthritis, you should visit an eye specialist.

As a matter of fact it is necessary for you to know as many facts about Reiter’s Syndrome as possible when you are diagnosed. Thus you will be able to take the needed actions to alleviate the symptoms and maintain the good state of your health.

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