Hand Arthritis Symptoms: How to Treat it Naturally

Our hands have many small joints which work together to make movements. If a joint is affected by the disease, it becomes hard to move the wrist or hands. Hand arthritis might happen in many different areas.

Hand arthritis is often disregarded, although it holds the leading position among the causes of disability in the US. In fact, arthritis is common in people over 40, but it can affect people even in early twenties.

Here are most common had arthritis symptoms.

-The most common symptom is a joint pain, usually in the form of burning or dull feeling. This pain may increase as you move the joint affected by the disorder. In the morning the pain is most pronounced.

-The affected zone could swell when you move the joint. The joints cannot handle the same stress and pressure. And swellings generally mean that they are overexerted.

-The affected zone feels warm due to the inflammation process happening inside.

-Joints located near the affected joint can also become affected by arthritis.

-Crepitation in the arthritis joints may be experienced. Damaged cartilages rub against one another.

-The cases are known when the joint feels like loose. This feeling indicates that arthritis is provoked by a damage or trauma in the ligaments.

-In the advanced hand arthritis cases the joints appear larger than normally. The condition is usually called hypertrophic.

-Small cysts develop if arthritis starts affecting the joints in the fingers’ end.

If you notice any of the symptoms described above, seek a professional help. The treatments for this type of arthritis may differ, according to the disease stage and age.

There are several effective treatments to be used if the symptoms mentioned above show up.

-Exercise your wrists as well as hands. Take 2 boxes of nuts and bolts. Fill one box with bolts and nuts and the other one should be left empty. Then take a handful of nuts or bolts, hold them carefully, and put to the other hand, ensuring you are neither holding too loose or too tightly. Do the exercise till the box is full. It will help to exercise the joints of the wrists and hands.

-Quit smoking. It has been proven that smoking increases the risk of developing arthritis. If you follow a healthy diet, this will help to lower the risks.

-Strengthen the body by exercising, but try not to overexert yourself.

-There are natural supplements helping to strengthen the cartilages.

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