Male Menopause Symptoms

It is considered that it is only women’s fate to suffer from the symptoms and drawbacks of menopause. However, it seems that men tend to experience the condition as well.

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Male menopause symptoms resemble female ones according to doctors. Testosterone plays a crucial role in the life of every man and its levels tend to lower with ages; which is believed to be causing menopausal symptoms. However, there are other reasons such as heart conditions and diabetes as well as cancer.

Male menopause symptoms can represent themselves differently in men.

  • One distinction is that when women experience it at a certain age, men do not.
  • It can actually happen in 50s and in 60s and even in 70s provided that a man is healthy.
  • Other distinction is that while women have got the condition developing very rapidly, men experience it slowly and not so aggressively. The reason lies in the hormone production. In case of women estrogen stop production completely with the advent of menopause in females; in males, however, the levels of testosterone just drop but not stop completely.

Male menopause symptoms include night sweats and anxiety, frequently his body strength reduces as well as Libido, memory problems start and baldness can start developing and so on.

In case a man starts to experience any of these male menopause symptoms, he is likely to be recommended to undergo a number of certain tests and check-ups.

  • First of all it will be hormones level test.
  • Next can be a blood test and also some others. Men who start to experience these problems at early age around 40s-50s a hormone replacement therapy can be recommended.

It is pretty helpful as small doses of testosterone are introduced into a man’s organism returning the desire and making him feel better. This therapy is not recommended for elder men who have high levels of androgen.

This therapy can be effective or not – it is quite individually. In many elderly men with male menopause symptoms testosterone replacement therapy works pretty well. Is can be carried out pretty differently according to a person’s taste. It can be taken orally in the form of pills. There are also men who prefer injections.

Every man should, however, be aware that this therapy is able to cause certain adverse effects and even be fraught with heart conditions and even cancer. It is very important that the treatment was supervised and the dosages were fixed. Moreover, hormone replacement treatment usually is not carried out on its own. It is accompanied by alternations in a person’s diet and lifestyle in general. A proper sleeping schedule should be adhered to as well as exercise routine. In case if depression and anxiety are also very distinctive male menopause symptoms, antidepressants can be of great help.

However, all the treatment options should be discussed beforehand with a doctor.


  1. Unlike women, men do not experience period called menopause. so some doctors think the problem is male menopause as a decline in androgens (testosterone) that experienced by men in old age. But keep in mind that the decrease in the hormone testosterone is not just caused by old age, but can also be caused by several diseases. Testosterone deficiency is an endocrine condition that causes changes in a man’s metabolism with short and long-term effects in many different organs and systems. If testosterone low levels, insulin therapy can relieve symptoms decrease sex lust, depression and fatigue. but keep in mind that hormone replacement therapy also has side effects, such as prostate cancer. Even though many guys swear by the name of saw palmetto as a testosterone booster, it works but it doesn’t work through the “correct” pathways. A more secure way is to change lifestyle, running a particular diet or use other drugs such as antidepressants to help overcome the symptoms of male menopause. so for more details, consult this issue with your doctor.

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