Common Eye Health Problems

Health experts across the US are noticing spikes in the patient’s number who suffer from diabetes. It causes troubles for many reasons and eyesight health is the most common one. In the US, diabetes is considered to be the main cause of blindness.

Diabetes sufferers should set it as a goal to keep eye problems minor and visit a doctor immediately once you note anything becoming severe. Below you will find most common problems affecting the vision because of diabetes which may lead to blindness:

  • Dry eyes happen because the tear glands cannot produce tears for proper eyes lubrication. This is uncomfortable with itching eyes and burning. The doctors recommend using artificial tears and a humidifier at night whenever you feel that the eyes become dry.
  • Tearing is the opposite condition. Often tearing is caused by over sensitivity to wind, temperature changes or light. Protecting eyes with sunglasses will fix this problem.
  • Cataracts – people with this disorder have a cloudy covering over the eye lens. Without the necessary light amount passing through the eyes, people with vision problems can lose their vision totally. Actually, these form over time and go with no tearing, redness or pain. In most cases, cataracts are small and cannot affect the vision but those which can are usually removed with surgery.
  • Retinal disorders – Thin lining of the eye back is called retina and its main function is collecting visual images, and passing them to the brain. A trouble in the retina stops the image transfer. These troubles include macular degeneration related to aging, retinal detachment or diabetic retinopathy. As a matter of fact this is dangerous to the eye health. So it is of vital importance that such vision problems are diagnosed on early stages and treated properly.
  • Glaucoma develops if there is excessive fluid pressure in the eyes which comes from the inside.

Generally it is provoked by watery fluid flowing between the cornea and the eye lens. In this case eyes become totally blocked. If not treated properly and timely, this severe condition may result in permanent loss of vision or even blindness. As glaucoma does not have any actual early symptoms and does not show any pain, you should schedule a visit to the eye specialist for a regular checkup so that to be sure everything is all right.

The doctor can advise some treatments such as oral drugs, eye drops and surgery in some serious cases.

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