Moringa and How It is Good for You

Cared-for and beautiful skin is a business card of any person. For this “wow” effect people often have to go in for complicated external care, use drugs and vitamins, and sometimes surgical interventions.

It is difficult to imagine that there is a plant in nature that can make a great contribution to skin beauty from inside and outside at the same time. But for the people of Asia and Thailand it is not a novelty: many women and men take care of their face and body with the help of the Moringa tree products.

Moringa is a medicinal plant, very popular among Asian peoples. Quite unpretentious, it is widely available in sub-Himalayan, Asian and African countries due to its ability to survive during a drought.

Along with the ancient traditions of Moringa usage, its healing properties have been proved by a number of scientific researches, e.g. on anti-cancer capacity of this plant, research on its multiple medicinal uses, the Journal Frontiers of Pharmacology has published the article on Moringa’s potential in treating cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and many others.

Moringa: Benefit and Harm

Moringa is a great supply of protein (app 10 grams of plant protein per 100 g) and vitamins A and C. This is why the plant is recognized as an effective tool in the treatment of skin diseases by dermatologists. Rich in calcium, potassium and copper, Moringa is used to treat all types of fungus. Also, the tree is used to support the health of genitourinary system and may reduce blood sugar level and inflammation.

The tree is literally versatile: all its parts are used – fresh or dried leaves, flowers, seeds, roots and bark. Moringa retains all of its medicinal properties in any form, but all of them have different effect on a human organism.

Moringa: Properties and Applications

As Moringa contains vitamin A and C, protein, calcium, potassium and many other microelements, so that it is actively used to strengthen immunity and for an additional vitamin supplement for children with malnutrition, and it can be given even to young infants. What is really unique about this plant – it simultaneously helps to gain weight at underweight, while reducing fat and cholesterol level in the body and normalizing metabolism at excess weight.

Moringa capsules and tea is a popular vitamin complex in the Asian countries, which is used for preventive purposes and to treat genitourinary diseases.

Moringa helps to fight radiation and excessive solar activity

Scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of combining Moringa with radiation therapy in oncology – it mitigates the harmful effects of radiation on the body, accelerates the recovery of the body and helps to defeat cancer.

Since Moringa boosts the protective properties of the body from radiation and has antioxidant properties, it should be taken by people living in megacities, working at objects harmful to health and in countries with high solar activity. In summer Moringa prevents excessive skin pigmentation caused by excessive solar activity.

How to Take Moringa?

It is is used as a food supplement to the usual diet or as a garnish.
Headache, toothache and pain in the ear can be relieved with the help of Moringa leaves compress. In case of cold, plant seeds can help: due to their properties of a natural antibiotic and kill pathogenic bacteria. But the easiest way is to take Moringa capsules – 2-4 capsules twice a day before breakfast and at night. Also, the Moringa tea is very easy to brew and has countless benefits for health.

Another way to take advantage of the Moringa – its oil mixed with coconut oil is a wonderful massage treat for skin. Useful properties of both oils will turn even the simplest massage in not only pleasant, but also useful procedure.

Aloe vera gel with Moringa oil and herbs is a natural remedy for daily skin care. Aloe vera probably needs no introduction – but now you know more about Moringa.

Moringa in Cosmetology

Moringa is effective to treat allergic reactions and all types of fungus (skin, nails, mucosae), as well as eczema and herpes zoster.

Acne and pitted acne scars are much easier to treat with the help of Moringa capsules and oil – it helps to remove pigmentation, acne traces, and pigmented spots. In addition, Moringa has a toning effect – it tightens pores and reduces sebaceous activity.

Miraculous Moringa has already won acceptance among the Asian people, and thanks to its rich mineral and vitamin composition is becoming popular in European countries. To find out great effect of this plant for your health, test it at least once. Your body and skin will say thank you for such a treat!

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