Low Blood Pressure Causes

Low blood pressure is a frequent condition in many people and it is not really a problem unless a person starts feeling bad about it. It is only when actual symptoms start to interfere with a person’s normal life. In case of fainting and dizziness as well as dehydration and unusual thirst it is recommended to apply for a professional help.

There are the following symptoms that should indicate a person that his blood pressure tends to be low and there is something to be done about it – first of all it is problems with concentration. Next – it is nausea and paleness and general feeling of being cold. Vision gets blurred and breathing gets shallow. A person is exhausted and frequently feels depressed.

These are quite eloquent symptoms of low blood pressure. In most cases these symptoms are the result of low blood pressure causes activity. There are several of them and generally they are not really innocent.

First in the list of low blood pressure causes are heart conditions. It happens when a heart is unable to pump enough blood. Hypotension is evoked by the following ailments and conditions frequently – heart attack and bradycardia, also heart failure and heart valve disorders. When a heart is unable to work properly, it affects the functioning of the entire organism and blood pressure drops in the first place. Among other heart conditions that can cause blood flow to run slower and therefore drop the heart rate is pericarditis. The same can be said about tachycardia; although it is a fast heart rate, it can also lead to low blood pressure. These are the most frequent low blood pressure causes in terms of heart conditions.

One of the most serious and dangerous conditions that can reduce blood pressure dramatically is internal injury and burns. The same also can be said about external injuries. Why the outcome in such cases can be so really dangerous? It is because low blood pressure means that blood flow is very slow and there is not enough of oxygen in the organism. This can be fraught with very severe consequences. Scarcity of oxygen can lead to brain damage and failure of liver and kidneys as well. Even worse if blood loss is great and blood pressure drops and drops. In many cases low blood pressure from severe blood loss have ended up with coma and even lethally.

Diuretics are also well-known as a low blood pressure cause. Other causes in the list are vomiting and diarrhea, bad fever and heat exhaustion and etc. Dehydration in any form is fraught with low blood pressure. With it come fatigue and weakness as well as dizziness and depression. Dehydration can lead to fainting as a result of blood pressure drop. It is frequently that people do not consume enough liquid when they administer diuretics. This is vital, however.

Another low blood pressure causes include hypovolemic shock evoked by a traumatic injury. It is a very serious condition and it deprives an organism of the required amount of oxygen because of the huge amounts of blood loss; which is very dangerous, as it has already been mentioned. Such conditions are very serious and can end up tragically with brain and kidney and liver damage. In such cases it is necessary to take an injured and dehydrated person to the hospital and carry out the input of fluids intravenously.

Anemia is also one of the low blood pressure causes. Under the condition is understood the ailment when a person’s body cannot produce red blood cells in the enough amounts. Anemia is the result of extreme loss of blood, also iron deficiency in the organism and a lack of vitamin B12 and folate. With all this it is impossible for a person’s body to maintain a proper balance of nutrients. As a result, blood pressure drops as well. And here a person starts to experience the reduction of blood pressure levels.

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