Immunotherapy and Allergy Testing

According to the experts analysis 55% of people tested in the US, is positive to one or several allergens. In fact, allergies are the 5th in America in the list of most widely spread chronic diseases. More people tend to choose a lasting relief with immunotherapy.

In fact, allergies happen as the immunity misclassifies some substances as dangerous. If the body contacts with an allergen by inhaling, touching to the skin or ingesting, an allergic response happens producing different symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, skin irritation, and wheezing. Actually, allergic responses may be barely noticeable and life threatening.

Pollens are among the most usual causes for allergies, animal dander goes next. Insect bites and dust mites are also the common allergy causes in the US.

To determine an allergy is quite easy; skin test is the most widely used way of allergy testing. Judging by the skin testing results, the immunologist will discuss possible treatments.

Mild allergies can be easily treated with the counter medications. People having more severe allergy symptoms may try prescription drugs or look for a permanent solution with the help of immunotherapy.

Risks in immunotherapy are rare but may include anaphylaxis which is life threatening. Allergy shots are to be taken at a facility that is equipped with all the necessary equipment and staff to handle any potential risks.

A usual allergy shot program includes shots one or two times a week till the dose is achieved which may take from three to six months. When you reach the target dosage, the phase of maintenance starts; shots are taken 1-2 times per month. As usual this phase lasts from 3 to 5 years. In this period some people might experience remission and others could show allergy symptoms if treatment is discontinued.

Some things to take into account before starting immunotherapy:

  • The severity and frequency of the allergy symptoms
  • The medicine effectiveness
  • The possibility to avoid allergens
  • The wish to prevent long term administration of the medicine
  • The period of time needed for immunotherapy

As a matter of fact for people dealing with different allergic reactions, the best option is to begin with allergy testing. As soon as the allergen is detected, an individual can note that the allergen can be easily avoided; other people might consider some of the mentioned above treatment options.

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