Does Grilled Meat Cause Cancer?

Grill party is a must in summer. But we want to warn that the main ingredient served there, meat, might be dangerous for your body and cause the development or aggravation of cancer. Today we will describe why you should reduce the amount of those steaks, fried chicken, sausages and hot dogs this summer.

Carcinogenic Problem

It has been proved that you have an increased risk of developing diseases related to cancer if you consume grilled poultry and meat. Moreover, the recent study of the current year on women with breast cancer eating much barbecued, smoked or grilled meats has shown that their survival rates are lower.

In terms of the cooking process of grilled meat, the cancer is caused by carcinogens which are heterocyclic amines shaped by sugars, amino acids and creatine contained in meat under heat processing.

There are 2 types of carcinogens exuding while you grill heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The first type is cause by any type of heating and the second type is the juice exuded from meat and flashing in the flame. PAHs are found only in smoked or grilled meat.

Both carcinogenic types provoke the DNA changes that might be the cause of the cancer.

Hazardous Substances

It should be also considered that the meats you buy at a supermarket contain hormones, artificial growth stimulators and chemicals that were given to the animals throughout their lives. Later the meat is processed chemically and technically to preserve its appearance and stop the natural decomposition course. According to the results of checking the substances added to the feed announced by the U.S. Audit Department, 42 of 143 agents can cause cancer, 20 of them provoke inborn defects and 6 of them lead to gain-of-function mutations.

The animals are also given huge portions of hormones which make them grow fast and big what is highly profitable for the production. Arsenic is also added to their menu to provoke the rapid growth of muscles and in cleaning products which are applied to kill zooparasites living on the skin of animals. Moreover, the meats might contain the following substances: promazine, reserpine, zinc bacitracin, penicillin, tetracycline, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.

Sodium nitrite shape nitrosamines, cancer-causing combinations, and deprives the hemoglobin in the blood of the ability to transport oxygen to the tissues of the body. Sodium sulfite destructing the vitamin B is another cancerogene added to meat to remove decomposed odor and makes it look pink and fresh.

Another issue for our bodies is the influence of sex hormones remaining in meat even after cooking. People eat meats of animals of both genders and their sex ferments are identical to human’s. That is why women cumulate male hormones and men store female hormones more than they naturally need. As a result, the hormone systems break and the diseases like mastopathy, fibroids, polycystosis develop.

Healthy Solutions

Apparently, it is worth changing your grill-party ration this summer. Apply the following advises according to your current diet and you will be able to enjoy fresh air, delicious food and your friends around decreasing the risks of cancer.

  1. Eat less meat. The International Agency on Research of Cancer recommends to limit the portion of meat to the size of a card or one third of your plate if you are not ready to refuse it at all.
  2. Use skewers and combine meat with vegetables to grill.
  3. Avoid processed meats as they are the most dangerous products in terms of cancer.
  4. Marinate meat before grilling as the composition of heterocyclic amines can be reduced even to 90 percent in this way.
  5. Cook meat longer at low temperature.
  6. Use a fire chimney in order not to use lighter fluids.
  7. Place meat on grill when the flame dies down.
  8. Trim off all the fat from the piece.
  9. Taste and experiment with vegetables as they do not shape carcinogens while grilling.

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