Oxygen Therapy Side Effects

Oxygen therapy is nowadays pretty widely used. It has become a part of fashion treatment in different spas and fitness bars. It is considered that such therapy is able to restore a lot of functions in the organism as well as improve immune system operation. A lot of practitioners say that it is very effective in treatment of various illnesses. However, as with any other medications and treatment it is very likely that improper use of oxygen can be fraught with bad consequences and there is no surprise that oxygen therapy side effects can be bad.

Oxygen therapy is based on the assumption that it gives a person with percentage of oxygen. It is very beneficial for the organism in general and it enriches the blood flow and the tissues with oxygen and improves their function.

Despite the fact that side effects are considered minimal they should not be taken for granted. They mostly occur in case when the equipment was used not in the proper way. It is very likely to get a negative response in such a case.

It is supposed that the treatment of patients with heart problems with this therapy can cause such oxygen therapy side effects as reduction of blood flow in the arteries of the heart, which can lead to heart damage and so on.

It is very important that oxygen supply used for the treatment was safe and clean. Otherwise oxygen therapy side effects can occur. Contaminated oxygen can cause unpredictable reaction in the organism and, therefore, it is required that all the hospitals and other institutions using this kind of therapy to keep to the required standards. In many cases impure oxygen can cause even death from poisoning.

Besides, side effects can be evoked by contaminated oxygen that contains airborne particles as well as various unhealthy substances. These can be the result of bad and old equipment that has become outdated long time ago and fails to provide clear and good oxygen. It is also not recommended to use any oils to flavor the oxygen in order not to get lung infection.

It is very important to keep to the instructions of the therapy and make sure that all the equipment works properly and is not faulty. All in all it is recommended that people undergoing oxygen therapy do not exceed a 26 percent intake of oxygen.

However, patients with severe respiratory problems or asthma, who are actually supposed to benefit from it, are not recommended to undergo this therapy. Oxygen therapy side effects can outbalance the benefits in this case. In general, oxygen therapy proved pretty useless for asthmatic opposite to the popular beliefs.

It is not recommended to use oxygen therapy for the people with a high fever or viral infection as the condition is very likely to get worse. The same refers to pregnant women and also patients after middle ear surgery are forbidden to undergo it as oxygen therapy side effects can be severe.

These are oxygen therapy side effects and even if they are numerous, in general, the therapy itself is pretty safe and beneficial, provided that you do not have any contraindications for it. It is very important that the whole procedure was carried out under the specialist?s supervision and control. Moreover, it should be prescribed and consulted beforehand with a doctor in order to avoid oxygen therapy side effects.

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