Tennis Ball Massage

When you want to relax tight muscles of the collar zone or ease bad backpain, but don’t have a possibility to get a professional massage, a tennis ball can be surprisingly helpful. Such self-massage gives relief in such painful conditions as pain in the back, neck, headache, pinched nerves, calcinations, etc.

Why it works?

Due to its features – it’s quite dense and covered with a soft cloth, such ball is an excellent and, what is important, affordable tool to self massage. For good results perform it on a fairly hard surface, against the wall or the floor, or sometimes squeeze between definite body parts. The massage targets at deep work with myofascial trigger points. Myofascial pain can occur as a result of muscle imbalance (when one muscle is constantly working, while others are always relaxed), microspasms start to develop in the muscle tissue and eventually turn into real long-lasting pain. Such self-massage gives necessary pressure on painful areas and soften them. Thus a tennis ball massage can be an effective and simple tool for self-treatment.

1. Foot massage

In case of flat-footedness, most probably you suffer from constant painful feeling after walking. To ease it, do tennis ball massage wherever you have free time.

How to do: Roll a tennis ball with your foot to and fro, left and right, first slowly, to stretch the muscles of the sole, then repeat it more intensively. If specific areas are particularly aching, concentrate on massaging them. Usually one minute of massage per one foot is enough for warm-up. When the muscles are sufficiently warmed up and relaxed, add a bit more pressure on the foot in the vertical position. Do 4-5 sets for each foot.

2. Save the neck!

Save your aching neck and back of the head and give them some good portion of self-massage. For this, take a sitting position and carefully drop the head to the left side, gently massage painful trigger points with the ball from the right side. Start slowly turning the head right until it stops, and then go back to the original position. Then do the same for the other side, slightly shifting the ball to localization of pain. Do it for a few minutes until pain disappears or significantly decrease, then change and massage the opposite side of the neck. After short break massage the back of the head in the same mode. Only one month of such regular massage will smooth unpleasant sensations in these parts of the body.

3. Tennis ball massage for waist and back

This massage will be useful for all those who constantly suffer from aching pain in the back and waist. Stand with your back to the wall, squeeze the ball between the body and the vertical surface. Bend the knees and roll the ball up and down along the spine. Having done this movement a few times, start rolling the ball to the right and left, along the ribs and the waist, you should feel pleasant warmth and relaxation.

4. Spine massage

Spine massage deserves a couple more words – as it can relieve backpain, prevent pinching of nerves and clamping of blood vessels.

For this you will need a simple self-made masseur device – put two balls in a bag of cloth or a sock, tie it tightly. Lie on the floor, with your feet on the floor and the masseur device directly under the tailbone. Massage the spine by small rocking movements to and fro, 10-15 seconds for each vertebra, gradually move all the way up to cervical vertebrae. There might be pain and discomfort in definite parts of the back – give a special attention to such areas and warm them up for at least 5 minutes. In total massage should last 15-20 minutes.

For deeper understanding of tennis ball massage possibilities, have a look at this amazing video. We hope it’ll inspire you to try this simple but effective technique.

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