What Your Body Needs if You Want Something Harmful

There is a widespread opinion that a human body wants exactly what it needs. There is no need to search for something extra. But what to do if our body wants harmful food, like chips or French fries, and what to replace it with? A human body looks very much like a computer with pre-installed food-selection software. Knowing what you would like can determine your selection of a healthy substituent to the desired harmful stuff.

What if, for example, you never liked sweets and suddenly you would like to eat chocolate? It was proven that chocolate is largely composed of magnesium. Knowing that, you can easily replace your need for chocolate by consuming the products composed of magnesium, but with much lower energetic values. For example, nuts and some fruits. As soon as you eat them, your desire for a chocolate will vanish, as the balance of magnesium contents in your body will be restored.

What about other minerals and vitamins that can be substituted with less fattening foods?

If you want cottage cheese or fatty milk products, do not hurry to the store, first check out the foods with less energy value that you might have. The desire for milk, fatty yogurts and cream can be easily explained by the deficiency of calcium in your body. To cope with the bodily needs, you can take some cabbage or mustard, which are rich in calcium as well.

If you want some fatty foods, most probably, you need to increase the level of potassium in your body. Potassium can be found in many fruits and vegetables as well, which are the healthy and useful alternative for you. You can increase your levels of potassium by consuming apricots, melon, bananas or broccoli.

What if you want something salty, but trying to reduce the level of salt consumption? We have a solution! The desire for salty food might indicate the lack of chlorides in your body. Try substituting salt with walnuts, milk, fish, or use sea salt instead.

The need for a cup of coffee can be replaced by eating broccoli and cabbage, the foods that just like coffee contain high volume of serum.

The desire for drinking alcohol or smoking indicates that your body doesn’t have enough proteins. You can find proteins in many healthy alternatives, such as meat or fish, nuts, poultry and others.

Tricking the software in the computer system of your body may not be easy, but you can do it substituting harmful analogues with healthy food alternatives. Share these lifehacks with your friends and family and get points to your karma in addition to the healthy appearance.

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