Protein Sources: Believe It or Not!

Who argues that protein is what makes up the body with all its system and organs? Yes, it is! Does that mean that our food should contain proteins? Yes, it does! What foods do? Meat, eggs, milk, fat… That’s it???

Why Protein?

Because there is no cell in our body that does not contain protein.Second, proteins are slow to metabolize and therefore are very filling. The body uses proteins to rebuild itself. All hormones and enzymes consist of proteins, and they are vital for the body’s proper functioning. Most important, unlike other nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, etc.), proteins do not accumulate in the body. They just split into amino acids and join the structure of cells. Therefore, there should always be a supply of proteins. Well, if that is the case, how do vegetarians survive without meat, eggs, milk, and fat? It’s simple: this little list of protein sources is a little far from complete! Now, please, grab hold of your seat and don’t forget to breathe!

What are these?

There are so called ‘vegetarian proteins’ that are found in:

Quinoa: this wonderful seed contains a protein that comprises all nine amino acids, which the body needs. Such proteins are known as ‘perfect’ or ‘complete’ proteins. Simply put, quinoa seeds can replace quite a number of our everyday foods that are less healthy and keep us fed for much longer. There are lots of quinoa-based recipes, so you can taste something and add another brick to the wall!

Green peas are very rich in proteins: one cup of these can replace a cup of milk and charge you for another few hours. Green peas blend well with other ingredients and may taste better as part of a meal than as a separate food.

Beans (black, kidney, pinto, etc.) are another great source of proteins, and they mix perfectly withall sorts of veggies. For this reason, beans do very well in salads. There are a number of soups and broth recipes, which are hard to imagine without beans. All these meals are very healthy and filling.

Nuts – pistachios, almonds, peanuts, etc. – are high in proteins, plus they are very rich in calories. For this reasons, all dishes that contain nuts are quite filling. Because of calories, they may not be good for those who have excess weight and would like to shed an extra pound.

Greek Yoghurt contains twice the amount of protein that is found in a regular one. Second, it is not as rich in carbohydrates as regular yoghurts are. These facts make it a healthier option. It should be noted that it does contain milk, which not all vegans can afford.

A cup of soybeans contains about twice the amount of protein contained in a glass of milk. This is a kind of ingredient that consists entirely of protein. Needless to say, there is hardly a quicker way to bust an onslaught of hunger.

Leafy greens, such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kohlrabi, etc., are a nice mix of proteins, fiber, and antioxidants. Although they are lower on protein than nuts, they are a nice addition to any dinner.

Remember that meat-eggs-milk-fat list of non-vegan list of protein sources mentioned in the beginning? Well, the one that you have just read is far from complete either!

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