Cucumber benefits for beauty and health

Fresh cucumbers for harmony, rejuvenation and good health.

Cucumber is a tasty summer vegetable, or more precise to say not a vegetable, but a fruit! Like a watermelon, cucumbers mostly consist of water and microelements, so they perfectly quench thirst, cleanse the pores of the skin, keep the renal system healthy, protect the heart, support digestion and relieve constipation. Cucumbers are so rich in water that rejuvenate and cleanse all human body’s systems.

What’s inside?

Besides 95% of fresh restructured water, cucumbers are extremely rich in potassium (147 mg) that is beneficial for good health, and quite lot of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. There are also vitamins A, C, E, K (essential for healthy bones), thiamin, niacin, silica and chlorophyll. Cellulose normalizes the work of intestinal system by removing toxins, neutralizing harmful acids and getting rid of constipation. To get this healing effect, just drink fresh cucumber juice twice a day. In summer hot days, freshly squeezed cucumber juice helps maintain the level of hydration of the body and control blood sugar at low level.

Health helper

Thus, cucumbers are a universal product for beauty and health. These powerful green fruits are used to treat the bladder, kidneys, get rid of acne, reduce blood pressure, and soften burns and inflammations. Among numerous cucumber benefits – it strengthens the immune system and increases energy level.

To prevent and heal internal disorders, eat fresh cucumbers in salads, make green smoothies or squeeze cucumber juice. By the way a daily glass of a cucumber juice with spinach or carrots will significantly increase the body’s resistance to viruses. A slice of a cucumber helps fight off herpes and relieves symptoms after an insect bite.

Cucumber water

On hot summer days make a jar of cucumber water and drink it with your family, it hydrates and cleanse human bodies, moreover it regulates electrolyte balance and decrease feeling of hunger. Just slice one cucumber, squeeze ½ juicy lemon, add some fresh mint or basil and pour with water. Chill in the fridge and enjoy on hot summer days!

Magic wand for beautiful skin and hair

What is more, cucumbers are widely used in cosmetology to whiten the skin, smooth eye wrinkles, eliminate inflammation and swelling, reduce dark circles and eliminate blemishes.

Cucumber juice is a perfect base for facial and hair masks. Keep in mind that most nutrients are contained in the peel, so do not remove it when making a mask. Due to cucumbers’ great detoxing qualities and lots of microelements, they have a healing, soothing and beautifying effect on hair, nails, reduce eye puffiness and cleanse the skin pores. A cucumber face mask calms, brightens, tones up the skin, narrows and cleanses the pores. Use fresh cucumber juice as a natural face tonic for your daily beauty routine – cucumber is an ideal assistant in this, because its juice gives moisture, radiance and beauty to the skin.

External application:

  • Put thin chilled slices of a cucumber on the face for 10 – 15 minutes. This mask promotes skin regeneration, strengthens cells, nourishes and tones.
  • To reduce eye fatigue, puffiness and bags under the eyes – put fresh chilled slices on the closed eyes for 10 minutes.

To get all the above-mentioned cucumbers benefits, make sure that you buy good-quality and fresh ones at local markets or organic groceries preferably, store them in a fridge up to 10 days and enjoy these green and crispy summer treats every day!

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