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    Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Surgery

    By Danny Duric - Having a child is one of the most exciting and joyful moment in most women's life, however, giving birth does change your body. These changes affect your body image and the general appearance. After giving birth you should understand what kind of changes has occurred in your body and what changes can you fix by yourself and which one you cannot. This article is dedicated to inform you how you can use cosmetic surgery after pregnancy to fix some of the severe changes that occur.

    What Could Be the Reason for a Miscarriage?

    By Chloe Burton - Miscarriage is a very sad condition and very frequently it can happen in a healthy pregnancy and not in an unhealthy one. Why it happens so, is still a burning question.

    What Causes Miscarriages

    By Nicolette Hatcher - What causes miscarriages? This question is very popular among pregnant women who worry about the baby's health. There are certain risk factors that might trigger miscarriages. Most common ones are unhealthy lifestyle, chromosomal abnormalities and certain health conditions.

    Feel Pregnant but Negative Test Results

    By Keira Richardson - It sometimes happens so that a woman may be sure that she has become pregnant and feel all the symptoms, however, her test results turn out to be negative. There are some explanations to it as well as recommendations on the account.

    Effective Tips on Conceiving

    By Chloe Burton - It is a great problem for a woman - to conceive. The difficulty can be caused by different reasons and various character. However, it can be helped as there are recommendations and tips on how to get pregnant that are effective and proved with time.

    Recovery after C-Section

    By Tomas Masterson - Pregnancy and giving birth are some of the greatest miracles in life but for a woman it is also a great trial as not always everything goes smooth and without complications. Sometimes natural birth is impossible and doctors have to apply for C-section. It might be inevitable but this does not lessen the fact that recovery after C-section can be hard.

    Headaches during Pregnancy

    By Edward Ruston - Headaches can happen to everyone. However, the difference between a common person and a pregnant woman having a headache is that the latter cannot just take a pill to alleviate the pain. There are a lot of different reasons why headaches occur in pregnant women and here are some of them as well as advices on treatment.

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    By Tomas Masterson - Alcohol is no good for anyone. It is a truth universally acknowledged. In case of expecting mother it is more than true. However, there are women who are not so attentive to the recommendations. They do not realize that their baby can be born with fetal alcohol syndrome all because of their bad habit.

    Pre-natal Vitamins for Pregnant Women

    By Nicolette Hatcher - To be pregnant means to be extremely careful about your health and the health of your future baby. That's why is is so important to follow a well balanced diet and take vitamins for pregnant women to ensure your body gets all the necessary nutrients to maintain your wellness and help the baby to develop in a proper way.

    Abortion after Effects

    By Amalia Pratt - Abortion is a very dubious issue. There is a lot of discussion on the account. But besides the moral side, there is an issue about after effects that abortion can evoke in a woman.

    Genital Warts during Pregnancy Issues

    By Neva Meyers - Genital warts are a very unpleasant condition that a person can have as the result of a certain virus. It is named specifically after the location of the warts. By itself it is not particularly dangerous but to an expectant mother it can cause a lot of problems both during pregnancy and at labor.

    How do you know your pregnant?

    By Nina Nik - The situation when you don’t know whether you are pregnant or you are not can be rather stressful, in particular when pregnancy is not wished. Early signs of pregnancy can be really confusing and they are different in different women. Sometimes females may have pregnancy symptoms in a week, and other women may not have any at all. There are always a lot of questions arising: when do you get to know you get pregnant?

    Can I be Pregnant And Still Have A Period?

    By Nina Nik - The answer to this question is sure not. Nobody can have a period and be pregnant. The first symptom that you are pregnant is that you don’t have a period. Menstruation and pregnancy are antithesis, they are impossible together. And you should know this.

    Can you Get Pregnant While on your Period?

    By Valentina Spragovskaya -

    This question is rather popular among women. Quite frequent gynecologists give positive answer on the question. Though the possibility of it is not high and in most cases it depends on individual peculiarities of the body anyway it exists and those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy should take it into consideration.

    Symptoms of Pregnancy in the first Week

    By Valentina Spragovskaya -

    Pregnancy is the process of intrauterine gestation. From the very beginning of pregnancy there is menstruation stop. The same happens with hormonal changes, which prepares women’s organism to a lasting period of gestation.

    When Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

    By Valentina Spragovskaya - Each woman has a particular period of time in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which is the most favorable time for pregnancy. Ovules are active about 3 days, and sperm are viable for 3-5 days. It means that time for pregnancy is limited; in best case it is 3-4 days.

    First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

    By Valentina Spragovskaya - Today there are so many people who discuss the problems of motherhood and produce impressive number of advices given by experienced mothers; therefore it is quite natural that expectant mothers are frustrated in all this chaotic diversity of ideas, especially when it treats to the first month of pregnancy.

    Why Is it Necessary to Know the Duration of Pregnancy?

    By Valentina Spragovskaya - Pregnancy term is the main thing which is necessary to know for gynecologist for proper and quality control of pregnancy in patients. On the basis of pregnancy term a doctor will appoint all necessary examinations and tests in a manner of time, as well as he will control the baby's pre-natal development, and will be able to determine possible pathology in pregnancy development and the physical condition of the unborn child in due time.

    Pregnant Rapid Belly Expansion

    By Valentina Spragovskaya - Sometimes pregnant women feel that their belly is expanding by leaps and bounds or vice versa that it is completely unnoticeable. The belly height usually corresponds to the term of pregnancy. For example, for the 32th week of pregnancy it should be equal to 32-33 cm. At the same time belly’s completeness depends on individual women’s characteristics.

    Medicines in Pregnancy: What to Consider?

    By Ray Sting - When taking medication during pregnancy it is important to note that the unborn child is treated together. Therefore, care should be taken when on medication, take only in consultation with a doctor and to take only if it is unavoidable.
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