Breast Lift without Surgery

The reasons why breasts droop are different. First of all it is pregnancy and old age. In many women it is something of a hereditary factor. It is only natural that a woman's breasts lose the shape as she ages. However, the sad thing is that with it.

Right Time to Wean from Breastfeeding

It is very individual for every mother and every kid when a period of weaning comes. There are a lot of factors that decide breastfeeding termination.

Herbs to Increase Fertility in Women

Herbs are used for treating fertility problems in women and men. The most crucial factor is to use the herbs following the instructions of a herbal practitioner. It is not recommended to take herbs together with conventional medications.

Women Urinary Retention

Under the term of urinary retention in women is understood the condition when a woman is unable to release urine from the bladder and it evokes unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations. This is a condition when a woman feels a need in a frequent urination but has got problems with emptying the bladder completely. Urinary retention has got its causes and here is a list of the most probable condition that can lead to it.

Why do Women Have Periods?

Under the term of menstruation is understood a monthly cycle that a woman has to undergo. Other names also include menstrual periods, periods or menses. The condition means that a woman has got bleeding from her vagina which happens because the inside lining of the uterus gets shed. Menstrual blood consists of blood and tissues that goes out through the vagina.

Can you Get Pregnant on Birth Control

Different ways of birth control, in particular pills, are highly popular in women who want to avoid pregnancy. Since their introduction on the market, birth control pills have been the best contraceptive in demand all over the world. Many women still have questions regarding the effectiveness of various types of birth control.

Feel Pregnant but Negative Test Results

Whether you are waiting impatiently for the second line to appear on a pregnancy test strip or just wondering why morning sickness has occurred, using special tests can be confusing and, for some ladies, even embarrassing. What if you believe your pregnancy is here but the result is negative? Does it necessarily indicate you are not pregnant?

Effective Tips on Conceiving

There are a lot of women who have got problems getting pregnant. It is especially sad when there is a great desire in a woman to become a mother. However, there are some tips on conceiving that can actually help.

Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy

The first period after labor can differ from the ones you used to have before you got pregnant. Postpartum women usually have their period regularity restored within several weeks or months, but the changes in the menstrual cycle and the time the first after-labor period will occur depend on several factors, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Recovery after C-Section

You cannot know how you will give birth to a child - in some cases C-section can be needed and it is important to know how to get prepared to it and also about the recover after C-section. This is essential as it can be both trying in physical and emotional sense.

Headaches during Pregnancy

To be pregnant is not a simple thing. It is not only a great responsibility but also a woman is likely to have a lot of different health complications. In many cases they are nothing to worry about a lot but sometimes they can be pretty serious. Still, such things as headaches can be rather bothersome for a woman. In some cases headaches can become one continuous headache that is hard to bear. These are called migraines and are frequently met in pregnant women. Here are some of the causes of headaches during pregnancy.

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Gaining weight for a woman when she expects a baby is an absolutely normal and natural thing. It is something that is presupposed to be as a fetus needs to grow and develop in a healthy way.

Natural Female Enhancement Products

In a modern world both men and women are frequently stressed - the life is complicated and pretty fast and it is filled with a lot of responsibilities that do not allow a person to enjoy the pleasures a lot. Under the pleasures here are understood the pleasures of sex and for women this is more than just a topic.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

It is natural for the mother to take care of her unborn child and make sure that everything went well. This means that she is attentive to her health and habits in the first place. It is no news that the health and well-being of a future baby depends wholly on the mother and therefore it is essential that she was well.

Pre-natal Vitamins for Pregnant Women

Pre-natal vitamins are essential for maintaining the good health of a future baby. They are necessary for pregnant women as well as their bodies experience many changes.

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

It is no news that hormones are responsible for quite a lot of changes in the organism of a woman. In the list are such things as mood swings and depression and appetite increase or loss and so on and so forth. This all is commonly happens when there is some hormonal imbalance in the organism and a lot of women tend to suffer from it without doing anything.

Herbs for Fertility

Gynecological researches have found recently that there are certain herbs that can improve fertility. Among the ones that claim to work are Vitex agnus castus and black cohosh. Besides, they are also supposed to be pretty effective for alleviation of such conditions as premenstrual syndrome and menopause. However additional and more serious research is necessary in the field of herbs for fertility.

Hormonal Depression in Women

Depression - where to start? It has become such a frequent condition that it is almost normal. However this is actually not. It is a serious mental problem that does not allow people live their lives in full and enjoy.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

Under a term of post abortion stress syndrome is understood a particular stress disorder that happen to women frequently after abortion. The most characteristic features of a disorder are feelings of guilt and regret and the onset of depression. It depends on the woman and her attitude as well as circumstances how soon the symptoms alleviate and distress goes away. In some cases post abortion stress syndrome takes a pretty long time to improve.

Abortion After-Effects

When it comes to abortion after effects, they can be both of physical and psychological nature. It is a serious procedure and can be fraught with certain consequences for a woman. Besides, it never goes without leaving a mark - a woman will remember it all her life.