Types of Anesthesia

If a person is to have a surgery or any other medical procedure which causes discomfort or pain, the doctor will give you an anesthetic drug. The medications significantly decrease pain or totally block it.

Different Vitamins for Joint Pain

Do joint pain vitamins really help? Many of us have seen grandparents with such health problems as osteoarthritis, aching joints. Young people can also experience these conditions after physical work outs. The latter is an injury while osteoarthritis is generally caused if the cartilage cushioning the joints wears out and leads to unbearable pain.

Is Pneumonia Contagious

The answer to this question is determined by what kind of pneumonia is meant. The disease can be caused by a variety of pathogens, as well as by chemical fumes and other noxious substances. In this article, we will discuss what types of pneumonia there are, which of them are contagious, and what can one do to try to prevent contracting it.

Swollen Lymph Node behind the Ear

Swelling of lymph nodes is called lymphadenopathy. Lymphatic system is an integral part of immune system in humans. It is a network of vessels and nodes – bean-shaped glands consisting of cells encapsulated in relatively thin connective tissue. Lymph nodes store fluid and produce various types of antibodies, which are carried around the body via lymph vessels.

Surgery to Make You Taller

It has become a norm nowadays for people to be obsessed with their looks. Sometimes this obsession leads to the services of cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgery is a very popular sphere of medicine today. There are a lot of people who want to improve their looks in various respects starting from making their breasts larger and their noses more accurate ending up with the heath correction.

In Case You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that every person in the U.S. should have nowadays in order to get medical health. However, due to a great number of reasons a lot of people cannot afford it. Frequently a person who lost their job find themselves in this situation. The same can be said about people who work on low income jobs as well as many other people.

How to Walk with a Cane

The first association with a cane is that perhaps a person has got an injury that does not allow him or her to walk without a support. Surely enough there are people who use canes as a fashionable accessory. In the 19th century a cane was an obligatory part of a gentleman's outfit as well as a top hat. However, nowadays it is rarely used as time has introduced new fashion trends.

How To Beat a Cold: Common Symptoms and Best Remedy

Unluckily flu season affects us every year. On average adults have 2-4 colds per year; in particular in the period between September and May, colds in summer are quite rare. Children can have 6-8 colds during a year. However, flu is a type of cold with regular occurrence during the year for most people, especially in winter. If you failed to restrain from the flu, you will have to manage the symptoms.

Effective Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Sore throat indicates that there is an inflammation in your throat, lymph nodes and tonsils caused by infection with streptococcus bacteria of group A. Sore throat is a rather common condition especially in the flu season. Often it is preceded by sneezing, runny nose, and cough.

Headache In Back of Head

Headaches are perhaps the most widely spread sickness experienced by people. Generally, it can be treated easily by taking an aspirin or by having a rest. Actually, not all types of headaches may be cured easily. For example, headache in back of head belongs to the tension headache signs and it is not so easily cured.

My Legs Feel Heavy: Possible Causes and Treatment

Heaviness in legs may indicate signs of health disorders. This disorder may cause erectile dysfunction in me. When your legs feel heavy, it may be a warning symptom. High levels of blood sugar and heart failure can cause heavy legs.

Vitamins for Hair and Nails

As a matter of fact nails and hair are great indicators of the overall health state. Stress as well as diseases affects your hair, fingernails and skin. Nails and hair can show such symptoms as thinning, brittleness, splitting and breaking when neglected or if the organism undergoes certain pressure conditions. If the body lacks important nutrients, the fingernails and hair show the symptoms.

How to Clean Pores

The skin is full of pores that serve as openings. Excessive dust, oil and dirt can be trapped in the pores causing acne and other problems. Cleansing the skin pores helps to rid of oil and impurities and prevents skin problems.

What Hair Color is Right for Me

Highlighting and coloring hair is the most popular way to have a new look. Actually natural hair color is usually the most suitable. However it is always nice to try something new.

Liver Cancer Survival Rates

Liver cancer survival rates show the chances to survive for a certain period of time for people with cancer. The rates predict chances of what may occur with a patient, if a certain treatment is chosen, based on previous cases with people in a similar condition. Liver cancer survival rates are a guide for the family and the patient to know what to expect while on a particular treatment.

How to Choose the Best Hair Colour for Your Type of Skin Tone

Finding the best color that would work with your skin tone can definitely be a challenge. In order to do it, you should know what complexion you have and what its undertone is. Sounds like brain surgery? It’s not rocket science at all. In this article, we will take a look at what combinations there may be.

Tips For Healthy Kidneys

The main function of kidneys is to remove waste products from the organism. This vital organ is responsible to cleanse the body from harmful wastes evolving from physiological processes. If toxic substances are not eliminated properly, they penetrate in the system and eventually cause dysfunctions in vital organs. This may lead to organ failure, coma and even death. Therefore it?s important for you to know how to maintain the health of your kidneys. Here you can find several useful tips to keep kidneys healthy.

5 Tips to Have Healthy Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is something that celebrity hair styles and catwalk hairdos have in common. Yet it is not easy to make dry, dull hair smooth, sleek and shiny. Unless, you have necessary expert tips, shiny hair products and hair advice that really work! Unhealthy hair cannot become shiny. This principle also involves your body health and general wellbeing. So to answer the question "how to make your hair shine?" it's not about naming endless shine hair products, you will also need a holistic approach.

How to Prevent Herpes – Ways of Transmission

Herpes is transmitted in different ways. The 2 most common methods are by kissing and by sexual intercourse. But there are also other ways of virus transmission. When thinking of an intercourse, do you take into account all forms of intercourse and sexual performances you may be engaged in? Do you understand that it may be transmitted even by skin-to-skin contacts? It is also possible to self-infect.

Tips for Herpes Home Treatments

The Virus of herpes simplex causes outbreaks in people exposed at some point. As the virus may stay dormant for a long time, some individuals may not even know that they have the herpes virus till the symptoms become rife. When herpes outbreaks occur, actually it's possible to cure the disorder at home and in this article we will provide the top treatments for herpes that you may prepare at home. The thing is that home remedies for herpes are less expensive and are really effective.