Best Apps for Your Health

Developers of health applications do their best every day to help you to feel and look better. Why not to try those easy and smart programs to improve your life? We have collected the best 9 applications for you not to get lost among them.

Most Common Fallacies about Slow Metabolism

Nowadays the word "metabolism" is so wide-spread and we can hear it very often, in a wide variety of contexts. Often, a slow metabolism is ‘accused’ that a person cannot lose extra kilos and continues to gain weight, despite attempts to get rid of it. Therefore, there is a rather widespread idea that fast metabolism is preferable to slow metabolism. However, the fact that a person has a fast metabolism does not always mean that he or she has good health. In fact, it can even speed up aging process.

5 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite or a notorious ‘orange peel’ is rather a cosmetological than a medical problem that affects thighs and buttocks of females. Most of doctors do not recognize it, and the phenomenon itself is not considered as a disease. It is a very wide spread problem, approximately 85-98% of adult females of all races are affected by cellulite.

Easy Methods to Improve Your Immunity

Spring is the hardest time for our immune system – vitamin reservoir that we collected in autumn is nearly empty while the weather is still cold and windy, it rains sometimes and even snows in northern countries. Practitioners persuade us to take more medicine and get a flu shot. But are there any other natural ways to boost immune system?

What Foods Can Boost Your Sexual Stamina?

No good life is possible without a good relationship. Likewise, no good relationship is possible without good sexual stamina and drive. Finally, no good sex is possible without decent and healthy nutrition. There are particular foods, which are highly advisable for regular intake due to their exceptional ability of increasing sexual desire. Also, there are foods that (attention!) dull sexual drive.

Facial Fitness – Lifting without Surgery

Facial fitness is a set of exercises for face muscles that helps to make skin more firm, it smoothes wrinkles and tucks up skin without any surgery. Only 20 minutes of practice twice a day will grant you with amazing results in a month: complexion improves, a fullness under the eyes and double chin disappear, nasolabial folds and lateral canthal lines uncrumple. This fitness program for the face will help you to look 5 or even 10 years younger and it is absolutely for free!

Emotional Detox: Meditation and Breathing

First, let us consider the components of emotional detox. First and foremost, the emotional detox is directed at stress relief. There are two basic components of it: meditation and breathing.

5 Organic Oils for Your Natural Beauty Routine

Organic oils are one of the foundations of facial esthetics: they contain a lot of vitamins including A and E, moisturize, nourish and protect skin. Natural and essential oils can be used for skin and hear treatment in their pure form or they can be added to masks, creams and cleansing products. Using oils balances sebum regulation, that is why they are beneficial for all skin types including blemish-prone skin.

Why Color Correction?

Once we realize that something has gone wrong with our body, we start rushing about for a cure. Mostly, it happens not until symptoms grow too painful and cannot be ignored any more. Conventional medicine does offer numerous advanced treatment methods and techniques, which do provide a relief. The saddest thing about it is that the relief is temporary, and they treat just symptoms instead of targeting the disease itself. Not unlikely, the disease has come a long way toward reaching this point. If that is the case, conve

Become More Productive Changing Your Regime

You can become more efficient in your everyday life and healthier if you follow day regime dictated by nature for all people. There are definite periods of the day dedicated to certain activities, and following these simple cycles will make your life happier! To figure out how you should modify your schedule, we have collected basic advices from Ayurveda, the ancient science of health and wellbeing.

How Our Sleeping Regime Affects Our Food Choices

It is widely known that people can be divided into early birds and night owls based on their daily active and sleeping hours. Connection between these data and people’s ways of working, levels of productivity, general lifestyle patterns and other aspects has been thoroughly examined in numerous studies. However, there has been no information about how exactly the way we sleep and work affects what and when we eat. Fortunately, researchers have recently performed close investigation regarding these factors’ interdependen

What is a ‘Coffee Nap’?

Everyone knows that coffee is rich in caffeine – a natural substance found in coffee grains, tea leaves, etc. Everyone knows that it produces a strong stimulating effect on the brain and body. However, not everyone knows about ‘coffee nap’. You have experienced the ‘strange’ urge to sleep right after a cup of coffee, haven’t you? It is just the right time for what we know as a ‘coffee nap’ – a brief period of sleep, which occurs shortly after you take coffee. Those who know what it is feel less tired and find it an exc

Your Anti-age Program for 2017

Every wants to live longer. And everyone wants this long life to be healthy and happy. Too bad that most of us forget the part where effort should be made for all these things to be reached. Still, the simple things that can be done in order to live longer and be healthy are, really, very simple.

Why Multitask?

The rapidly accelerating pace of life requires us to carry out much more than one job per unit time. At work we have to keep the books without making a single mistake and simultaneously answer scores of phone calls. At home (this mostly refers to women) we have to cook, clean, wash, parent, manage finances, sometimes without letting go of a phone that is ready to ring any moment.

Alternative Ways to Deal with Pain

Though horrid unpleasant, pain is the feeling that signals about some serious condition in our bodies that has to be taken care of immediately. And surprisingly, acute pain is not that much of a problem when it comes to methods of treatment and eagerness of people to alleviate its intensity.

Pain in the Back and Knees? – Maybe Your Butt Is Faulty?

Crowds of people, who are far from old, have back- and knee pain. They wonder why it happens, what they can do about it, and, once a solution is found, how soon the effect will come. The answer is: these conditions occur due to muscular imbalances resulting from sedentary life.

Feminine Beauty Standards – Beautiful Changes

Nothing changes more rapidly than fashion dictating beauty standards. New trends are appearing, something is coming back, and each decade brings something fresh and unforgettable. Though there is a timeless tendency: a woman always does her best to look perfect at any time. Let’s have brief look at the most emblematic divas of the past 70 years because they still have much to tell us.

Spirulina – Not Just Superfood Well-Promoted

In many people, this strangely named product arises nothing but doubt. Is it a vitamin or a food supplement? Where do they get it? What’s so good about it? Why is it so expensive? Is it really worth the price? Yes, it is!