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Adult ADHD Test

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is considered to be the disorder that is more characteristic to kids. However, this is not exactly so. Adults also can suffer from it but it is not so easy to diagnose. It is very frequent that kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder continue to have it when they […]

Post Cruise Dizziness

Cruises can be very nice and a lot of fun; however, it is frequently that you can have post cruise dizziness even after you stopped and got off the ship. It can be characterized by tripping down and unsure gate and the like. The condition of post cruise dizziness has a more medical and beautiful […]

Foot Calluses Treatment and Facts

Foot calluses are the condition when surface layer of the skin gets thickened due to some pressure and generally on foot. This creates an unaesthetic look on foot and also can create a problem with the choice of footwear. Here are some facts about foot calluses and the tips for alleviation of the condition. Foot […]

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail is medically called onychocryptosis. It is actually a nail disease and should not be neglected. In case nothing is done to the condition is can worsen to the extent that a toe will swell and redden and become filled with puss. It is in the majority of cases can be relieved with the […]

Hypogonadism Symptoms

Hypogonadism is a condition that describes improper functioning of gonads, which is fraught with the reduction of hormones production. Besides, it also influences germ cells production and threatens the ability of a woman to conceive. However, this is not a female condition only. In general, hypogonadism symptoms show that testes in men and ovaries in […]

Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis or Werewolf Syndrome

While humanity has successfully overcome such major deadly diseases of the past as cholera, plague and smallpox, certain rare conditions called genomic disorders whose reasons lie deeper than infection’s ones bring new challenges for science. And though these issues are generally far less dangerous and may not even bring any physical pain with them, the […]

Albinism Symptoms

Under the term of albinism there understood a genetic condition when a person lacks melanin pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Melanin can either be completely absent or its levels are critically low. The important fact about melanin is that is serves in different purposes in our organism. But the main one is protection […]

Huntington’s Disease Facts

Perhaps, you have heard about Huntington’s disease, perhaps, not. It is not very common genetic condition that is inherited and refers to the group of degenerative diseases. Here we are going to discuss some of the Huntingtons disease facts in order to understand better its symptoms and ways of treatment. Huntington’s disease tends to develop […]

Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant condition which causes are not yet clearly discovered. This illness does make a lot of people feel awkward about the way they look as psoriasis symptoms are not really pleasant. There are several types of the disorder and here they will be discussed. The first type of psoriasis is non-pustular. […]

Kidney Stones Disease Symptoms

Kidney stones disease is a more frequent condition than many of us used to think. It is also a very serious illness and can affect a person’s life considerably. In case you suspect that something is not right with your kidneys, it is better to undergo a complete check-up. Besides, there are certain factors that […]

Chronic Tension Headaches Symptoms

Tension headaches are more frequent that one can suppose. Actually, they are usually the result of stress and fatigue in the first place. After a burst of anger it is also possible to have a tension headache. It can frequently be confused with an ordinary headache as long as it does not have the symptoms […]

Williams Syndrome Symptoms Facts

Williams Syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder. It means that something in genes structure went wrong at birth. This does not have anything to do with pregnancy problems or anything of the kind; it is just a rare chance that happens at ransom. However, if a parent has got the condition, it is most […]

Mosquito Bite Infections Facts

Mosquitoes are utterly unpleasant – it is universal truth. No one likes them and easily enjoys their company apart from Buddhists and entomologists, perhaps. These insects got their names either from Portuguese or maybe Spanish. “Mosquito” basically means little fly and at the moment it is considered to be the most dangerous species in terms […]

Different Toenail Fungus Cures

Toenail fungus is very unpleasant. Moreover, it is rather embarrassing as it discomforting and it limits your choice of footwear considerably. No one would like to have this kind of stuff of their toenails but it might happen. Good news is that it is not a hopeless case and there are toenail fungus cures available. […]

Musculoskeletal Disorder Facts

Our body is a more complicated thing than we frequently think about it. It is not only a skeleton and a set of organs, it is much more complicated. Movements are possible due to the muscles and joints. They also allow us keeping balance and protect from injuries our inner organs. Musculoskeletal system consists of […]

Brown Widow Spider Bites

Black widow is pretty notorious for its venomous bite. However, little people seem to know that its brown sister is also rather dangerous. Brown widow spider bites are considered less intensive as they do not produce so severe symptoms. However, they are still very serious. Besides, it is essential to know how they manifest themselves […]

Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms

Sick building syndrome is not a very well-known condition. It is as the name suggests the condition connected with a person’s close working or residential environment. It is still not investigated properly as it should be because it is very hard to understand whether certain particular symptoms are the reason behind this condition or they […]

Facts about Codeine

Codeine is an opiate drug that is also called methylmorphine. In the long list of similar drugs it is one of the first in popularity according to WHO and its League of Nations agency. The opiate drug group it belongs to also includes heroin and other synthetic and naturally occurring drugs. However, among other facts […]

Detect Wrist Pain Symptoms and Treat the Disorder

Nowadays wrist pain is becoming a very common symptom in many people, especially those who spend the whole day at the computer. So, it is possible to determine this disorder as the one caused by modern technologies. The main wrist pain symptoms include: Cramps or stabbing pain in the wrist Pains in elbows or in […]

Progeria Disease Facts

Progeria disease or a ‘Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome’ is a rare debilitating genetic disorder. It happens in one case out of eight million, so this is a really very rare disorder. It is characterized by the manifestation of aging signs in early years of a person. Kids with progeria disease look like old men as the […]