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Severe Headache and Nausea

Migraine Many individuals with migraine often complain of nausea and severe headache. Migraine causes severe headaches and nausea. In fact, migraine occurs when the blood vessels in the neck and head constrict causing poor blood flow. Together with headache in one side of the head and throbbing headaches, migraine provokes nausea often accompanied with vomiting. […]

Overactive Adrenal Glands: Causes and Symptoms

Adrenal glands are deemed overactive if the amount of hormones produced by them exceeds the normal levels. Such health problems may lead to adrenal gland disorders, including Cushing’s syndrome, depending on what hormone is supplied in excess. Besides the infamous Cushing’s, there are other health issues that may result from adrenal glands being overactive. What […]

Ankle Swelling

Ankles in our body are very important as they enable such processes as walking and running. It is hard to imagine that a person can do such things without the help of the ankles. Sometimes painful sensations and swelling occur in the ankles and this complicates the process of movement considerably. It is pretty hard […]

Poor Circulation in Legs

Legs and feet bear the whole brunt of it, because they selflessly carry us over long distances for decades. Veins have to withstand twice the workload as they push blood back up to the heart against gravity. All this makes our lower limbs vulnerable to vascular disorders. Therefore, it is in the legs that first […]

Can You Get an STD from Kissing?

Sexually transmitted diseases have their means of spreading mentioned in their name. However, some of them can be contracted even without a sexual intercourse, through kissing. Read on to find out what can be spread by making out and what implications there may be. Not all sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted through kissing: many […]

Frequent Urination Causes in Women

Frequent urination or urgent urination is the need of urinating more often than the usual. The normal urination of a person is 4-8 times in a day and doctors term it frequent urination when you need to urinate after two hours or more. The bladder can hold up to 600ml of urine and but the […]

How to Get Rid of Parasites

Parasites may get into any part of an organism. However, in the majority of cases they appear in the intestinal area where it is easier for them to live and feed themselves. There are two types of intestinal parasites. The first group includes helminthes, or they are also called worms. The second is protozoans. The […]

Home Remedies for Herpes

Under the name of herpes is understood a viral infection that is evoked by two types of simplex virus: 1 and 2. The condition features the appearances of blisters and sores that are painful generally in the area of the mouth (type 1) and in the genital area (type 2). In the first case it […]

Tips for Those Who Can’t Fall Asleep at Night

Among the problems with falling asleep there are two main factors – physical and mental. In case of the first – it can be due to muscle pains or headaches as well as a wide range of all other different factors. In these cases sleeping can be helped with some alternations in the sleeping surroundings […]

How to Get Rid of Water Retention

It is no news that water is the main constituent of the body, actually, is about 75% and it is present everywhere – in tissues and cells. A person can live without food much longer than he can without water – this is a universe truth. It is important to keep water balance in the […]

Effects of Hypokalemia

It is no news that our organism requires a certain amount of nutrients and minerals and among them is potassium. It is crucial for health and being stored in the cells of the organism it takes part in the building of muscles and maintaining electrolyte balance. It is necessary for the proper functioning of nervous […]

Gout Attack

It is very frequent that some people start experiencing gout attacks in their sleep. This is not very pleasant as the attacks tend to happen all of a sudden and they are pretty forceful and painful. Gout attack is characterized by the pain that comes suddenly in the area of a large joint on the […]

Hemorrhoids Causes

Under the term of hemorrhoids is understood the condition when veins of anal canal get swollen and the process of defecation becomes painful. Movements of stool get restricted because veins get inflamed and narrow the anal canal. It is very frequent that veins may start bleeding and the itchy sensation can be experienced. These are […]

Dominant and Recessive Genes

Gene inheritance is a key point in our lives. Genes are responsible for the traits that we are likely to get from our parents and their parents. They are known under the name of hereditary traits, and there are more than 200 of them. Besides, there are dominant and recessive traits – that is why […]

Syphilis Symptoms

Among all the other STD syphilis is one of the trickiest ones. It is hard to diagnose as it tends to simulate the symptoms of other diseases of the group. In fact, it is evoked by the Treponema pallidum, a spirochaete bacterium. Both men and women can be affected with this illness. The condition develops […]

Psychoactive Drugs Effects

Psychoactive drugs are intended for the treatment of many different conditions and they are pretty effective; however, they are very frequently noted for the evoking addiction and therefore should be taken carefully and with consideration. Psychoactive drugs work in a way that they affect the functioning of a brain and therefore improve mood and correct […]

Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration is a very serious condition and one should not take it for granted. It is universally known that a person’s organism consists of fluid for the most part and therefore it is essential that there were no dehydration. In fact, it can evoke a lot of health problems and some of them are very […]

Benefits of Valerian Root Revealed

Valerian root is very popular and has been known for people for many years. This is actually a plant that looks like a herb and it came to North America form Europe and Asia. Other names used for this herb are amantilla and garden heliotrope as well as all-heal- the latter is pretty eloquent. One […]

Natural Help for Constipation

Constipation occurs in everyone and if it is not a chronic condition, it can be attended with natural help for constipation easily. It is necessary that our organisms remove wastes in order to stay healthy. However, with constipation it gets problematic and various disorders even can develop. In case you have this condition from time […]

Computer Wrist Pain Relief

Working on the computer can be very tiring frequently not only you think all the time and concentrate and your eyes get tired. It is very frequent that due to the wrong posture a person starts to experience a very unpleasant feeling in the wrists and frequently pains. There are three most common conditions of […]