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Shoulder Blade Pain: don’t Ignore It – Treat It!

While pain in the neck and shoulders is perhaps more common, a lot of people suffer from shoulder blade pain, too. Its causes can seem mysterious but sometimes point at serious health issues. Learn all you need to know about it here! While pain in the neck and shoulders is perhaps more common, a lot […]

Marathon and Other Ways to Combat Migraine

With such a serious disorder as migraine one can even win a marathon. It is not an impediment to the full life if a migraineur finds proper treatment, using standard and non-standard methods. What Is Migraine? A migraine is a racking headache that can be followed by nausea, vomiting, tingling in the arms and legs […]

Why does the Body Eat Itself?

It happens that even in the healthiest condition and with no problems detected in the body, the general feeling gets only worse and the person simply fades. Have you ever noticed that? Did you think of the possible reasons for out body to simply eat itself? Immune system complexity Human immune system includes connections between […]

I Smoke – a Habit or Something Else?

Smoking is something that everyone tried and for the first time often when we were teenagers. This is something that some of us found unacceptable but the majority still say – “Yes, I smoke and there is nothing I can do about it.” This all despite of the fact that smoking leads to so many […]

Unbearable Shooting Pains in Head Darken Our Lives

Shooting pains in head are common to almost every one of us, as the cause of such pain can become quite usual while going out without a hat in winter, or while visiting the pool or bath, or when an abrupt change in temperature occurs. Also shooting pains in head can be the result of […]

Bowel Problems Seriously Affect the Whole Organism

Bowel itself consists of several guts included in the digestive tract. Their main function is the adsorption of nutrients from food digested in the stomach. When some problems occur bowel can’t normally adsorb water and form feces from organism’s waste products. This leads to obstruction that may cause serious health problems affecting mainly immune system, […]

How I’ve Changed the Way I Sweat with Natural Improvised Means at Home

Although sweat is one of the vitally important tools in our body, we often get embarrassed and discomforted with its appearance. You might wonder why we need it. Well, it’s a natural cooling conditioner for our persistently heating body, it protects us from collapsing. In cooler environments the temperature just diffuses. In hotter surrounding you […]

Vegetovascular Dystonia Personal Experience

Vegetovascular dystonia is an increasingly common condition, which causes a whole palette of disorders and therefore requires a specific approach to diagnosis and treatment. It affects people of all ages and without proper treatment can be life-shattering. What are the signs? Vegetovascular dystonia is a kind of disorder, which affects many functions of the body […]

Mucus in Lungs

First, let’s define what mucus is. In fact, this is a sticky fluid produced by mucous membranes lining the walls of body organs like ears, lungs, stomach, respiratory tract and genital areas. This liquid has antimicrobial compounds useful for destroying different pathogens, for instance bacteria. Thus mucus defends the body against harmful agents. A healthy […]

Symptoms of Ulcers in Women

Ulcers in women and their symptoms are actually are no different than the ones that men can experience. Under the term ulcer we are going to understand a peptic ulcer. They represent sores and lesions that develop in the stomach, intestines, esophagus and even in the mouth and gums area. The latter are also known […]

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Genital Warts

Under the term of genital warts is understood the condition that is evoked by the HPV, or human papilloma virus. It is a sexually transmitted disease and a pretty unpleasant one. Its symptoms include the appearance of small growths of flesh in the genital area. This infection can affect both men and women of any […]

Do You Feel Bloated after Eating?

Stomach bloating after eating is not uncommon. This is not a very pleasant sensation as a person feels pressure in the stomach as if it is so full that it wants to expand. However, this is not in the stomach actually where the process of bloating takes place. It is small intestine region. Stomach bloating […]

Frequent Urination in Children

Normally children urinate more often than adults due to the fact that they have smaller bladders. However if your kid visits the toilet 10 – 30 times per day, he or she is showing signs of frequent urination. Causes If a child experiences frequent urination, it can indicate bacterial infection, an abnormality in the urine, […]

Pain in Kidney Area

Most diseases in people lack unique symptoms that pertain only to that disease. It becomes hard to decipher what the body is pointing to via the myriad perplexing signs. Many symptoms are common for many diseases and can range from a common cold to a cancer. Same is relevant for pain in kidney area. In […]

Causes of Toenail Discoloration

Toenail discoloration can have many reasons and among them are the trauma of the toe and bacterial infections. Besides, certain conditions such as liver infection and diabetes can stand behind the condition as well as usage of bad quality nail polish. In case of toe discoloration toes tend to change their color to brown and […]

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet

Swelling in feet is commonly caused by the presence of excessive fluids in feet muscles. Swelling in feet is usually not painful. However, it can cause discomfort. To reduce swelling in feet, it is necessary to exercise on a regular basis and lead a healthy lifestyle. Strenuous workout is the main cause of feet swelling. […]

5 Reasons Why Finger Joints Swell

Swollen finger joints can be caused by a variety of diseases. From osteoarthritis to gout, the range of conditions behind swelling is wide. Swollen joints are a symptom, not a disease, and here we are going to discuss what can manifest itself in the form of joint swelling, and what treatment is usually offered. Swollen […]

Nasal Polyps

Under the term nasal polyps are understood non-cancerous growths in the nose that develop in the nasal passage. They are generally the result of inflammation and irritation. In case the condition aggravates, nasal polyps become larger and block the passage making it hard to breathe. There are certain sings that can help to recognize nasal […]

Hormonal Headaches – Symptoms

Many women experience headache before and during menstrual cycles. Young boys and girls bat the puberty age may also have hormonal headaches. Very often such headaches are confused with migraines. In fact, hormonal levels changes in women provoke headaches. The reproductive cycle and sex hormones in females are responsible for headaches. Causes Starting with puberty […]

Pressure in Back of Head

Do you feel pressure in back of head? It can be provoked by a number of reasons. In case tightness in head affects the ability to do usual activities, it is necessary to visit a doctor. Although in most cases it is a condition of grave concern, sometimes pressure in back of head may indicate […]