Nosebleeds: How to Stop and Help Prevent

Occasional nosebleeds are common, especially among the elderly. Although they are not as dangerous as they may seem (at least in most cases), you can stop them faster if you follow certain steps. Besides, there are measures you can take to help prevent them.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as Another Symptom of Poor Thyroid Gland Function

Tingling, numbness and pain in fingers are what can be considered common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a condition which in most cases is associated with injury, overuse and other causes. However, there may be another disease behind it, namely hypothyroidism, and it should not be overlooked.

Ultrasound Therapy: True Healing or Bogus?

Scientists are divided on the matter of therapeutic ultrasound: on the one hand, it is the most popular method of physiotherapy, on the other, research does not really support its efficiency. Is there any good in it?

What Products Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect?

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be associated with a variety of reasons, but they certainly affect the quality of life. High temperature, pain, and swelling are the main symptoms of almost any inflammation. These symptoms signal you that your own immune system is resisting an infection in the body. But sometimes your body needs some help to fight with this infection effectively.

Pneumothorax: When Lung Collapses

Although the description of pneumothorax sounds scary, in most cases the condition is treatable and not life-threatening. Learn more about pneumothorax, its symptoms and ways to treat in order not to overlook it when your relative or you experience it, because it can be dangerous if neglected.

New Ingestible Sensor Monitors Gas In Guts

Do all diagnostic means and tools related to guts send shivers down your spine? Are you horrified when you hear the word “colonoscopy”? The industry is making every effort to make gastrointestinal diagnostics less invasive and more bearable. Now they have introduced a pill that can monitor gas in your guts. Yes, this info can be useful.

Curious Body Mechanisms

Our bodies are complex systems, and the principles of working of many organs and subsystems remain unknown. However, some of the mechanics we know are kind of weird, and these body quirks seem to be illogical and curious. Wondering why your head is aching when you are eating ice-cream? Or how hiccups work? Welcome to the article!

Frozen Shoulder – Learn Where your Pain Comes from

Pain in the neck and shoulders is well known to all who have to stare into a computer screen all day. And yet, if you suddenly lose the ability to move your shoulder, it can be scary. Fear not: most probably, you have frozen shoulder.

Scarlet Fever Management: Its Symptoms and How to Alleviate Them

The distinctive red or pink rash is the symptom that is likely to urge you to call a doctor and hear him say: “You guessed right, it’s scarlatina”. How do you recognize scarlet fever when it attacks your child? What are the ways to alleviate the symptoms? For how long will your child remain contagious? Let’s find out.

Is Pain After Surgery Normal?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. However, the intensity and duration of pain determine the ‘but’ that follows the ‘yes’. While pain of a certain kind is supposed to follow any kind of surgery, there are several ways to help alleviate it.

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy?

Every day we use cars and fill them with fuel, we go to some places by buses and taxes, and we do not even think that we gradually kill not only our environment, but also our body, or being more precise our lungs. We live in era when there is not enough clean air, and we have to breathe in air with impurities because it is the only option. But what can we do change the situation and to take care of our lungs?

What Can Cause Low Back Pain?

Having low back pain means having the range of activities available to you limited. You have difficulty bending, standing for a long time or even walking if there is something wrong with your low back. However, finding out what part of your body is ailing can be a challenge, as there are a number of candidates which can be to blame if low back pain prevents you from moving freely.

Arthritis Flare Management Tips

Arthritis flares, or periods of intense pain in affected joints combined with fatigue and stiffness, are kind of inevitable if you suffer from some type of arthritis. However, there are several things you can do to try to alleviate the debilitating symptoms.

Are Antibiotics Safe?

Antibiotics are special medicines that have been discovered recently, but have already saved lives of many people. Today the doctors all over the world cannot agree if antibiotics are good or bad for the health of a person.

One More Incurable Disease or Just Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that usually affects young people from 20 to 40. Scientists still do not fully understand what causes the disease and thus no reliable ways of treatment could be found. However, if multiple sclerosis is diagnosed at early stage, it is possible to minimize the effect of symptoms and let the person live the normal life.

Flies Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Flies are definitely not the kind of animals you would like to see in your home. Not only are they disgusting – they can also be reservoirs for microbes. A recent research showed that flies are more dangerous than it had been supposed. And here is why.

Another Panacea?

Migraine is the most common disorder all over the world that many people suffer from. About 12% of Americans have migraines regularly. Headache very often comes with such symptoms as sensitivity to light, smells, and sounds, and nausea.

Bump on Your Hand: Is It Hygroma?

Have you ever noticed how often do you use your hands during a day? Quite a lot of times, don’t you? Hands play an important role in our life. We need them to cook, to eat, to take a shower, to drive, to buy something, to simply open a door, and many other things! That’s why it is important to take care of our hands, so do not wait to visit a doctor if you noticed that something is wrong with them.