The Frustrating Mystery: Why Do Fit People Get Cellulite?

According to research data, betwen eight and nine women in ten (and only one man in 10) have cellulite. Of course, we all know that excess body fat often means worse cellulite, but we've also seen numerous pictures of celebrities, supermodels, and athletes with cellulite. How can it be that even strong, fit people who eat healthy and exercise a lot get the tell-tale dimples?

Arbutin: the Buzz around the Bearberry

Long gone are the days when women had to live with the body shape, hair colour and skin tone they had been born with, and when ageing was just something to accept as the natural course of things. Nowadays, we can change just about anything about our appearance: we dye our hair, lose weight, pay for plastic surgeries, and frequent tanning parlors if our skin seems too pale.

DO’s and DON’Ts to Relieve Sunburns

As vocations approach, people are usually so thirsty of sun, sea and beach leisure, that they do not think too much of sun exposure danger. But in the highest and often hottest season of summer, sunburn might be one of the most common dangers. Here is the selection of the most effective DO’s and DONT’s to minimize consequences of sunburns.

Alkaline vs Acid Foods in Psoriasis Diet

Since psoriasis is considered to be a disease directly related to the general condition of human skin, it goes without saying that nutrition and proper diet has a tremendous influence on the course of a given disease. The skin reflects literally all those problems that are hidden inside. Thus proper diet is of utter importance for patients with psoriasis who want to live active and full-fledged life.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the structural proteins of the skin, actually the most abundant protein in mammals. Imagine the springs inside the mattress - this is how the collagen skin matrix looks like, built together with another protein, elastin. Lots of three-dimensional spirals are braided into reliable and strong fibers. With age the tight collagen matrix is weakened and degenerates, become rigid and brittle. Skin loses its tone and elasticity, and capacity to maintain hydration. How this can be avoided?

Melanin – Friend or Foe?

Our beauty consists of enormous number of ingredients that compose the symphony of our health and wellness. Obviously, all of us want the song of our attractiveness to last as long as it is possible. And not to be interrupted by various issues, for example, prematurely grey hair. The good news is that you can influence this process controlling the melanin production in your body as this pigment is responsible for the colour of your hair.

Can Pigmentation Signal about Skin Cancer?

In our society tanned skin is mostly associated with health, well-being and leisure. And many people, especially women, crave to get their summer tan at whatever the cost. But the cost can be too high.

Use Your Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Wisely

The summer is finally coming closer and you have already enjoyed hot sunny days this year, probably. And you used your SPF cream as we are sure that you know how important it is. But do you apply it properly? Are you sure that it gives you enough protection? Have a look at the most common mistakes about SPF usage that will help you to get the most out of any sunscreen product.

Best Food for Your Skin

You will be surprised to discover that the nutrients good for your skin are not hiding in expensive creams, they can be found in the fridge! The skin reflects all the diseases you have and external treatment is only a short-term relief. When the reasons for skin aggravation are internal, the treatment should be also based on the change of the products you eat and the way you cook them. Today we will represent the list of the products that will help you to overcome skin issues and support its perfect state according to

Coffee is Perfect for Your Skin + DIY recipes

Today we will speak about coffee not like the beverage that you adore or hate, but we will describe a huge efficiency of coffee in beauty routine. Coffee can be very helpful to your skin because it contains plenty of nutrients: fruit and organic acids, fats, alkaloids, minerals, iron, magnesium and potassium apart from caffeine. Coffee oil is high in linoleic acid that shapes skin lipid barrier, increases skin plasticity, provides anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and sun-protective effects.

Sagging Neck: Causes and Ways to Deal with the Condition

  Sagging neck is caused by loss of elastin and collagen, which make skin firm and elastic. With age the release of collagen and elastin reduces, leading to sagging neck and skin. Aside from these, free radicals and exposure to the sun cause premature aging. Sagging Neck Treatment Aging is inevitable but it can be postponed by proper skin care. There are 3 treatments for sagging neck, skin care products, firming exercises and lift surgery. Surgery is done by the cosmetologists, and greatly improves the loo...

Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Wrinkles around the mouth, or smile lines are indication that the skin loses its elasticity. Skin becomes thinner and drier with age. Less natural oil is produced which makes the skin much drier. These processes lead to wrinkles around the mouth. Other factors may add to the aging process. Exposure to ultraviolet light is the most common one as UV light damages elastin fibers and collagen in the skin. Smoking is known to cause wrinkles around the mouth affecting the blood flow to the skin. Smiling and other facial expre...

Brown Spots on Face

Brown spots on face is a common condition affecting millions people worldwide. Brown spots are called age spots, hyper pigmentation, etc and in fact nobody can escape from them. Ephelis is the term used to describe brown spots on face. Generally age spots on face happen in middle age. Brown spots are the increasing amount of natural color in some facial areas and thus the spots look odd. Age spots on face may be caused by psychological effects, if an individual is too sensitive to beauty and looks. Causes Brown spots ...

Uneven Skin Tone

Many people have a problem of uneven skin tone. Commonly known as hyperpigmentation, the disorder is provoked by numerous reasons. Excessive sun exposure is a frequent cause of uneven skin tone. It provokes skin discoloration and patches formation. Moreover, hyperpigmentation may be triggered by hormonal imbalance, in particular during pregnancy or because of overdose of contraceptives. People may have uneven skin tone resulted from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, induced by acne lesions, injury or scarring. Premat...

Flushed Face

Everyone is familiar with a sense of embarrassment, when the face suddenly feels hot and cheeks turn rosy red. However, this is not the only cause of flushed face. In can be a symptom of a disorder, which requires treatment.

White Skin Spots

White skin spots are skin patches without pigmentation. They might appear on face, feet, hands, and at times on other body parts. Some spots are small, and others are big. White skin spots are a serious condition which requires medical attention. The reasons for white skin spots are numerous. Causes of White Skin Spots Vitiligo can cause white skin spots. The disorder is characterized by loss of pigmentation. Vitiligo is attributed to sun burns, which cause white spots on skin and white patches on various body parts. ...

How to Prevent Sweating

Under the term of sweating is understood the process of excessive perspiration that can be a real problem for a person. Perspiration allows a body to maintain certain temperature and, in case of hot surroundings, it cools the body. However, if the process is excessive, it may be unpleasant and embarrassing as it is always accompanied with an unpleasant odor and wet underarms, back and so on. Sweating can be a real problem that complicates life and interaction with other people. That is why people suffering from it sh...

How to Treat Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is a very infamous for its poisonous (as the name suggests) qualities. It stays in the list with poison oak and poison sumac as they all produce a special substance that is able to irritate the skin and cause rash. It is called urushiol; and the condition resulting from the contact with the above mentioned plants is known as urushiol-induced contact dermatitis. Apart from touching the plant itself, one can get affected by the condition also by contacting with the urushiol particles released to the air when...

What Causes Freckles?

It is more common for people with light skin to have freckles. And although, it may look endearing, a bearer is not always that happy. It is also very natural for people to develop freckles in case they stay on the sun for long periods of time. The most common thing to see is red- headed people with light skin and freckles. There are several factors that are the answer to the question -what causes freckles- and they are actually inheritance, solar effect and also problems with liver. Here is more detailed information...