What Your Body Needs if You Want Something Harmful

There is a widespread opinion that a human body wants exactly what it needs. There is no need to search for something extra. But what to do if our body wants harmful food, like chips or French fries, and what to replace it with? A human body looks very much like a computer with pre-installed food-selection software. Knowing what you would like can determine your selection of a healthy substituent to the desired harmful stuff.

Foods to Eat When You Are Bored

Quite often people complain of gaining fat due to the boredom. When you are bored, you watch some series or have to wait for someone, the hand is instinctively searching for food. Without noticing, we can eat a considerable amount of fats or carbohydrates, which is neither healthy, not useful for us. In this regard, there are some tricks, revealed by beauty bloggers and fashion models. In this article, we will share the knowledge on healthy and not fattening snacks.

Protein Sources: Believe It or Not!

Who argues that protein is what makes up the body with all its system and organs? Yes, it is! Does that mean that our food should contain proteins? Yes, it does! What foods do? Meat, eggs, milk, fat… That’s it???

Banana Health Benefits

There are bananas galore in grocery stores, and when we buy a bunch we hardly focus on their nutritious value and health benefits. There are a much greater number of them than we think! Bananas are great for everyone, regardless of sex and age.

Berries Cure!

Berries represent a rapidly growing trend in what is now we refer to as healthy nutrition. There are tons of research-based information highlighting their curative properties. Also, there is plenty of data suggesting that berries contain substances that protect us from some serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. That is not unfounded either.

Benefits of Juices: What to Choose for Your Diet?

When it comes to enriching one’s diet, juice is often one of the first things to come to mind. Still, insane variety of choices we now see on the market is quite often extremely confusing. Thus, how juices are actually beneficial for us and which of them make sense investing into?

Hidden Sugar Bombs

Although advocacy groups have helped Americans to reduce sugar consumption by about 15% over the past decade, an average citizen still takes three times the amount of sugar the body really needs. Unhealthy doses of sugar create a potential for serious and often life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes, heart issues, vascular disorders, and cancer.

Snacks between Meals: Good or Bad?

There is an ambivalent opinion on whether snacking is beneficial for our health or, on the contrary, does more harm than good. As by definition ‘snack’ is a separate little meal between regular ones, food industry has successfully adapted a number of high-calorie foods and beverages for this purpose. Thus, people may eat far more than usually regardless of whether or not they are actually hungry. This, in turn, may result into weight gain, weight loss prevention, habit to get through various life crises with overeating

Why We Should ‘De-Sweaten Our Lives’ and Cut Sugar

This substance is a white powder, obtained with the help of special chemical reactions from certain plant species. It is not a food product vitally necessary for the functioning of our body, however many of us cannot imagine life without it. It is a pure chemical substance extracted from plant raw materials - it does not contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes or any other elements of food.

How to Detox your Body from Sugar

Sugar is integral with most people’s everyday menu. However, not everyone really cares about its destructive influence on the body. It has been estimated, that we consume three times as much sugar ad our body can handle. Now, take a look, how often you take sweet desserts. Not unlikely, it is time for a little sugar detox!

Trendy and Dangerous Gluten

Gluten has become one of the most controversial topics in the world of food. Nowadays you can buy a gluten free product almost in every supermarket. But the question is: do you really need it? Are gluten free products healthier and better? Or are they just another market speak to assure you that you have to pay more money for vague benefits for your health?

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Looking for a universal and simple remedy for many (if not all) of your ills? It is there, right in your fridge! Or you can choose a nearby café for daily and have it to your heart’s content, because it is unabashedly inexpensive. Now, three guesses: what is it? Yes, lemon water!

How Metabolism Slows Down with Age

With age many people notice that getting back into shape after the holiday overeating can be much more difficult. Or sometimes extra kilos start to appear out of the blue sky. Why does this happen?

Most Common Fallacies about Slow Metabolism

Nowadays the word "metabolism" is so wide-spread and we can hear it very often, in a wide variety of contexts. Often, a slow metabolism is ‘accused’ that a person cannot lose extra kilos and continues to gain weight, despite attempts to get rid of it. Therefore, there is a rather widespread idea that fast metabolism is preferable to slow metabolism. However, the fact that a person has a fast metabolism does not always mean that he or she has good health. In fact, it can even speed up aging process.

7 Life Hacks to Boost Your Energy in Spring

The spring is in full bloom now, but despite it is already warm and lovely outside, many people feel exhausted, lack of energy and don’t like their reflection in the mirror. It happens because of vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin D), accumulated fatigue during winter months and non-balanced diet. We have collected seven unobvious life hacks to help you get out of hibernation, organize everyday life in more efficient ways and get inspired by the wakening nature.

Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss? – Depends on the Way You Take It

Just imagine: after the whole year of regular heavy exercises and counting each calorie, you still feel more and more sleepy every day, grab a cup of coffee and a cake in the office and try to sell yourself an idea that tomorrow you will definitely go on a diet and start a new healthy life... Easier to claim than to do.

Best Food for Your Skin

You will be surprised to discover that the nutrients good for your skin are not hiding in expensive creams, they can be found in the fridge! The skin reflects all the diseases you have and external treatment is only a short-term relief. When the reasons for skin aggravation are internal, the treatment should be also based on the change of the products you eat and the way you cook them. Today we will represent the list of the products that will help you to overcome skin issues and support its perfect state according to