Throw Away the Cornflakes: Healthier Breakfast Ideas

Think of those mesmerizing rows of instant breakfast cereals on supermarket shelves. Corn flakes or granola, with chocolate or without, they are crunchy, sweet, tasty, quick... and bad for you. Aren't there better breakfast options than the sugar-packed corporate stuff?

Watermelon Water Is not Just a Refreshing Drink

There’s evidence suggesting that watermelon can be successfully integrated in your diet as it is absolutely compatible with a healthy lifestyle. It offers a perfect mix of H2O as well as vital nutrients and vitamins. It is also benefic to include watermelon water in your detox program as it is a great means for hydration.

What Exactly Is Ugly Produce?

‘Ugly produce’ is a term for vegetables and fruits of dissymmetrical and awkward shapes thus practically unsellable in stores, but perfectly good inside in terms of their nutritive and taste properties.

50 Shades of Purple: The Mystery Of Anthocyanines

Purple foods have become one of the main 2017 trends in nutrition. Fruit, veg, and even rice of all shades, from lavender to deep violet, and from all regions of the world, from Peru to Japan, have invaded natural foods stores. They are professed to have all sorts of benefits, from cancer prevention to improving the skin. Is there any science behind it, though?

Inulin: the Magic Fiber

The abundance of fast food and heavily processed foods in our diet, plus our proclivity to eat on the go have made digestion issues incredibly common. We complain of flatulence, pain, and constipation; we are bombarded with advertisements of probiotics, dairy products with bifido- and lactobacteria, and food supplements. But what if a simple but very special fiber could help our digestion woes?

Use These Products Instead of Sugar

Nowadays, it is official: sugar destroys your health. The products on the shelves of any supermarket are stuffed with that ordinary white refined sugar and its artificial alternatives. Fortunately, there are several natural sweeteners that are beneficial for your health and provide that desired sweet taste.

Jerky: To Chew or Not to Chew

Sometimes, when you are on a long train trip, or hiking and camping, or exercising hard, you just need a protein-rich snack that can replenish your energies and doesn't have to be refrigerated. One such snack is jerky - dried and cured meat, which has recently started to fill supermarket shelves... and to generate considerable debate.

Dragon Fruit – A Tropical Gift to Your Health

Originally from Central and South America, the incredibly exotic-looking dragon fruit, or pitaya, actually comes from... a cactus! Nowadays, you can easily find it across Southeast Asia and south China, and in large Asian stores in the West. Its spiky red appearance alone instantly attracts attraction, but what health benefits are stored inside?

A Study in Lavender: The Many Benefits of Lavender Tea

If you have ever visited the South of France, you may have seen endless fields of blooming lavender. All across Europe, specialised stores offer a wide range of lavender products: tea made of dried flowers, soap, sachets, creams, essential oil, shampoos... But is it all about the lovely scent, or does lavender have real health benefits?

Aloe Vera: Useful Properties and Health Benefit

You have probably heard of Aloe Vera plant and its healing properties. However, not everyone realizes all its health benefits in their full range, yet it has been commonly used for medical purposes in Greece, India, Mexico and Asian countries. The plant attributes its healing power due to its high content of active constituents: antioxidants, enzymes, minerals essential for proper functioning of metabolic processes, sugars, fatty, salicylic and amino acids.

Cistanche Tubulosa: Your Stamina and Libido Booster

Sedentary lifestyle is literally a silent killer of us, modern people. In fact, long sitting with lack of fresh oxygen and very often legs crossed (especially in women) results in stagnation of blood circulation in pelvic organs and legs – that in long perspective means loss of fertility and libido in both men and women. So, science is in constant search of remedies to help.

Pine Pollen Health Benefits

In our times people often try to find a healthy alternative to traditional chemical drugs and seek a possibility to support their health with natural remedies. For centuries humankind was aware of powerful remedies of natural origin, and one of such means is pine pollen (PP).

Moringa and How It is Good for You

Cared-for and beautiful skin is a business card of any person. For this "wow" effect people often have to go in for complicated external care, use drugs and vitamins, and sometimes surgical interventions.

Health Benefits of Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca is a superfood, known not only as a natural aphrodisiac, but also as a great booster of stamina - it alleviates chronic fatigue syndrome, increases libido in men and women. Peruvian maca helps to reduce hormonal dysfunction during menopause and andropause, improves blood circulation, increases mental capacity, improves the skin condition and has a positive effect on the health of bones and teeth.

Does Grilled Meat Cause Cancer?

Grill party is a must in summer. But we want to warn that the main ingredient served there, meat, might be dangerous for your body and cause the development or aggravation of cancer. Today we will describe why you should reduce the amount of those steaks, fried chicken, sausages and hot dogs this summer.

Snacks for Kids

This one focuses on foods that are far from healthy. These are the kind of foods that we usually take to take the edge off appetite when it comes to surviving a vacation trip, a long stay at school or elsewhere. You cannot take your home kitchen alone, and cooking is the last thing you can afford when you are gearing up or are on the road or away from home. There are some nice options, which can help you and you kids feel satisfied and can bring at least a tiny bit of benefit.

Breakfast Ideas for Anti-age

Four simple recipes for anti-aging morning meals, which are fast to cook! Want to not only get fitter, but also to look younger? Include a few anti-aging products - such as tomatoes, oatmeal, fat fish, blueberry, broccoli - in your breakfast, and you will not only normalize your weight, but also look a few years younger.

Best Dementia Products | Therapy for Dementia

Dementia is a widespread disease among older people. The specialists of the Ulm University in Germany have discovered that people who suffer from dementia have less vitamin C and beta-keratin in their blood in comparison to the level of these substances in the blood of healthy people. Apparently, healthy diet and consuming antioxidants are able to prevent the development of this decease.

Are You Allergic to Nuts?

Nut allergy is a frequent occurrence, and it may last a lifetime. There is a common opinion that those who are allergic to one particular kind should avoid eating other nut types as well. Recent studies have shown that things are not that bad.