America’s Delicious Secret: the Pawpaw Fruit

Which fruits native to the Americas do you know? Many will name papaya, pineapple, prickly pear, or persimmon. But what about the largest of them - the pawpaw? Most have never even heard of such a fruit. But this seems to be changing - soon we might witness a real pawpaw craze!

How to Eat More Salads and Vegetables?

Do you hate vegetable salads, but would like to eat healthier? Perhaps you just cook them wrong. A salad is not a tasteless and dull dish, which is eaten only to start a healthy lifestyle. If you pick the right salad with the ingredients that you personally like, it can be very tasty and healthy at the same time. It is also a great idea to experiment with ways to cook vegetables (far more than just raw or boiled!)

Fatty Acids or Heavy Metals: Should You Stop Eating Ocean Fish?

The subject of ocean fish is surrounded by a veritable sea of confusion: doctors tell you that it's essential for your health, while social media persistently urge to avoid it, since it is presumably radioactive and full of mercury and plastic. So what should all lovers of tuna and swordfish out there do?

Pork: Embrace or Avoid?

Probably no other meat feeds more people across the world - or more controversies - than pork. Religious limitations aside, we are bombarded by calls to stop eating pork, on the one side (since it presumably causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes and what not) and by slogans like "Eat More Backon", on the other. But let us thread carefully and investigate!

Green or Black: Mysteries of an Olive

Surely, you have bought olives many times: plump green ones in a glass jar or cheaper black ones in a tin can. But have you ever wondered why you almost never see black olives in a glass jar or vice versa? And what's the differenece, anyway: are black ones ripe and green ones unripe? Let's unravel the mystery!

Much Ado about Palm Oil: Boycott or Not

The anti-palm oil campaign has been very visible in the past few years: from human rights advocates reporting force child labour on plantations to the scare that Nutella might give you cancer. And yet, palm oil is the most widely consumed oil on the planet and plays a huge role in many developing economies' economies. So should you try to avoid it?

Eating the European Way: Diets and Dishes from the Old World

For millennia, simple people in Europe - peasants, shepherds, and fishermen - struggled to survive. While feudal lords dined on grilled meat every day, lower classes had to make do with basic foodstuffs: grains and olive oil, berries and legumes, fish and shellfish. Out of this daily battle a myriad of unique local traditions emerged: they are all delicious, but some are particularly good for you.

Cloud Bread Dreams

This bread has lots of advantages – it’s light, tender and fluffy. But the most surprising is that it contains no flour, which means there is no gluten in it and people with gluten intolerance can eat it. Nutritionists believe that the recipe of cloud bread will be useful not only for people with food restrictions, but for everyone who wants to keep fit and healthy in winter. Check out more information and the recipe below!

Medicinal Mushrooms: Magic or Illusion?

The use of mushrooms for treating disease, so common in China and Japan, is conquering the West. One of the main sales pitches for "medicinal" mushrooms is that they have been used in Oriental medicine for thousands of years. Does that mean you should buy some, though?

Impossible Burgers: Everything Is Possible

In 2011, Pat Brown, ex-professor of the Medical School of Stanford University launched a start-up “The Impossible Foods” in San Francisco with ambitious task to create a vegetarian burger with real meat taste. While burgers with black beans or mushrooms can hardly satisfy ardent meat lovers, this company has all chances to succeed. Their burgers sizzle and taste like real beef!

Why Bone Broth Is Good for Health

The world has experienced different periods of crazy diets and eating styles recently: from separate nutrition diet of Doctor Shelton to the Atkins diet, extremely rich in proteins. So attitude of different nutrition theories’ adepts to same products can vary a lot. One of such controversial products is bone broth. Recent overviews of this product helped to objectively evaluate its pros and cons. Knowing that and the fundamentals of cooking will make this dish useful and tasty.

Just Like Cheese, but Better: Meet Nutritional Yeast

Everyone likes cheese. Nowadays, scientists even recognize that in addition to the traditional sweet, sour, bitter, and salty taste there is a fifth one - savoury, or umami, found first and foremost in cheese. What could possibly replace it? Certainly not some yeast! But what if?..

Everyone Is Mad about Tapioca – but What It Is Exactly?

Tapioca is produced from roots of the cassava plant (another name is tupi-guarane or yucca). Cassava roots are widely used not only to produce tapioca, they taste delicious in boiled, fried and dried form. Tapioca is nutritious and useful. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

Chickpea Miracle: the Discovery of Aquafaba

Meringues, mayonnaise, tiramisu, pisco sours, marshmallows: all these things are unthinkable without egg whites. For many years, they remained a distant dream for all vegans and people suffering from allergy to albumin. But a couple years ago, everything has changed: aquafaba arrived on the scene.

Glow Like a Rose: Benefits of Rosehip Oil

After decades of reliance on mostly artificial ingredients in cosmetics (such as the infamous parabens), natural herbal recipes are making their comeback. Instead of using expensive facial creams, more and more women go for oils, be it argan, jojoba, coconot, or shea. And recently a new star has entered this constellation of precious oils - that of rosehip seeds.

Myths and Reality of Vitamin C

Even as children, we've all heard of vitamin C: while its precise functions remained mysterious, we knew that it helps cure common cold and that it is contained in oranges. But now that we are all grown up, it's time to take our understanding of vitamin C to a new level!

An Ode to Avocado Toast

Are all the toasts as harmful as modern magazines say? Why? What are the nutritionists’ thoughts on this issue? Let’s consider!

From India with Love: Why Mangoes Are Great for You

What do you think is the most widely consumed fruit in the world? Most would say it's apple or banana, but actually it seems to be... mango! Seemingly exotic to us, in India and Southeast Asia mangoes are a diet staple - green or ripe, they are cooked in a myriad ways. But cooked or raw, mango is packed with health benefits!

Black Gold: What Activated Coal Can Do For You

Consuming charcoal can seem like a strange idea to many. Indeed, why would you want to put that black powder into your body? In fact, charcoal pills have been a medical staple in lots of countries for decades: they are used to treat poisonings, but that's not all that they are capable of.