Healthiness and Taste Qualities of Brown Vs. White Eggs

Probably, you’re aware of a generally accepted opinion about brown eggs considered as being more beneficial for health, having a better taste and being overall a better product than white eggs. Is this widely shared belief that eating brown eggs is preferable to eating white ones fact-based or it just represents a marketing trick? You’d be surprised how simple the answer to this question is.

6 Habits to Stay Healthy

We understand it is difficult to make yourself join some club, exercise regularly and eat greens all days long. That is why we want to introduce you a set of tips aimed at making your body healthier without much effort – it will take some part of your will to make changes, but the effect is definitely worth it.

3 Snacks that Benefit Health

Americans really love snacks, and high sugar and fat consumption, which is one of the banes of US citizens, makes a great contribution to obesity rates. Though many people do not realize it, meals are not the only thing which shapes our nutrition patterns. Snacks are no less important, and making them healthy is a step towards better eating habits.

How Gut Bacteria Contribute to Colon Cancer Development

There are several risk factors, which are associated with colon cancer. Among these are obesity, age and others. Until recently, there were saboteurs participating in tumor development which remained anonymous. A duo of gut bacteria species, a recent research suggests, can drive colon cancer – the discovery can help identify those who may benefit from regular screening.

What Are the Benefits of Fermented Food?

Nowadays we are always talking about healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. We are ready to spend a lot of money to become healthier, but we forget that there are a lot of free and effective ways to boost our health. One of these ways is to eat fermented food.

Why Should Every Diet Include Fish?

People who keep to a diet should include a sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in it. Reducing the caloric content of the diet, we risk losing those vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. In addition, we risk reducing the level of protein in our body that may lead to loss of muscle mass. If we want to stay healthy while dieting, we should include healthy food, such as fish, in our diet.

Salty Food Makes You Hungrier and Breaks Down Fat and Muscles

We have all heard that intake of salt should be limited because it increases the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases resulting from it. Now researchers have revealed another way salt can be tricky: if salt intake is high, you want to eat more, thus consuming more calories. The mechanism behind it is really curious.

Health Benefits of Curcumin

As Indian dishes are becoming more popular, the spices used in their cuisine are getting more attention. One of the emblematic ingredients is turmeric, a spice rich in curcumin, which is reported to benefit health in a number of ways, including memory protection.

Seitan: Probably the Most Versatile Meat Substitute

The trend of going vegan is winning more and more hearts. It also means that the demand for meat substitutes is increasing, and those are found in Asian cuisines in abundance. One of them is becoming especially popular because of its versatility – you have probably tried it without knowing it. Yes, it’s seitan.

How Different Oils Can Influence Our Body?

It is a well-known fact that consumption of different oils influences our body in different ways. From the very childhood we are taught that fish oil is a perfect means that is able to heal every disease and prevent our body from getting old. But is it really so?

Vitamin D3 Can Help Repair Cardiovascular System

The issue of whether vitamin supplements are safe is a controversial one. However, it appears that a vitamin D3 supplement is among those few extra sources which can be recommended, because it proves not only to benefit bones, as it was previously thought, but also can help repair damage to blood vessels resulting from hypertension and other factors.

What Products Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect?

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be associated with a variety of reasons, but they certainly affect the quality of life. High temperature, pain, and swelling are the main symptoms of almost any inflammation. These symptoms signal you that your own immune system is resisting an infection in the body. But sometimes your body needs some help to fight with this infection effectively.

5 Fruits for Those Who Want to Lose Weight

We want to lose weight but do not want to take a lot of effort, we do not want to spend hours in a gym and we do not want to feel exhausted after it. We believe that it is impossible to lose weight without losing liters of sweat. But we are mistaken. There are various methods of losing weight that can bring you pleasure. One of these methods is eating fruits.

Why Water is Better Than Sports Drinks

When it comes to sports and performance, almost every athlete wants to support his or her body with something that can help restore its resources and provide energy. Sports drinks seem to be a better or even more professional choice, but researchers say good old water is still much better. And here is why.

Enzymes, Vital Force, and Other Tales: the Raw Food Movement

It' amazing how simple veganism seemed exotic just some years ago; since then, vegans have gone much further, inventing such dietary fads as eating raw. They state that cooking destroys the "vital force" in food - but what does science say?

Benefits of Lavender: Aromatherapy and Other Uses

Lavender distillation is used to produce lavender oil, one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy. Its range of medical usage can vary from treating alopecia areata, or hair loss, to reducing preoperative anxiety. What is more, dried lavender can be an ingredient which can be used in calming lavender lemonade!

The Soy Scare: Should You Avoid Phytoestrogens?

A recent wave of anti-soya publications claim that we should immediately stop eating this popular legume - and especially stop giving soya milk to babies - do to the risks of phytoestrogens. But what are they?