Free Exercises to Flatten Stomach

If you are worried about the stomach, imagine that you are a detective, and carefully examine all the symptoms. The first question is: how long it lasts? With long-term chronic indigestion you should ask for medical advice. But if you got a sensitive stomach upset after eating too much or after a party, it is only a temporary indisposition.

How Many People Eat Fast Food?

According to TGI Global (company BMRB International) research, held in 2005, in 12 out of 15 countries, most people prefer to eat fast food. Active way of life forces many people to follow this life, paying insignificant attention into your health.

What is Protein? Good Sources of Protein

Protein is composed of nitrogen containing compounds called amino acids. These amino acids will bond to each other to form what biochemists call peptide polymers, which in turn will form particular proteins. The sequence of amino acids in the peptide polymer will determine the nature of the protein, and there are many different kinds of proteins.

Making Good Food Choices

From early childhood we have been told to follow a 'well balanced diet', though it would appear that not even the experts can agree precisely as to what comprises an optimal nutrition plan.

The Energy Content of Food

It’s important that we understand the dynamics of energy exchange as it applies to nutrition. The energy content of food is measured in something called calories. The number of calories in food has been determined by placing a known quantity of food in a bomb calorimeter that has been immersed in a given volume of water.

Are You Taking over Nutrition?

Proper nutrition is necessary for a healthy body. It is important to have proper eating, a nutritionally dense diet, and proper exercise program for a healthy body and mind.