Study Finds that Your Heart will Suffer if You Skip Breakfast

Most of us remember that we should breakfast as kings (and stick to a rather moderate portions at other meals). Right? It seems that the researches have found another proof to this point. If you skip breakfast, your are likely to deal with atherosclerosis, new study reveals. Here is more about the need of having a filling breakfast.

Atherosclerosis Treatment – Alternative Therapy

Atherosclerosis is often caused by smoking, excessive fat consumption, and lack of physical activity, coupled with emotional and mental strain and stress. This can cause a buildup of fat deposits - atheroma - on the arteries walls, which harden and calcify with linte preventing the arteries expansion and contraction. The term used to describe arteries hardening is arteriosclerosis. Hardened arteries become "furred up" and restrict the blood flow to other body parts. The tissues and organs are affected and cannot work...