Swimming Hair Damage

It is no news that your hair gets damaged in the swimming pool and there are several factors for this. First of all, water in the pools is chlorinated. And if you imagine your hair as a sponge, you will understand, how much harm they gets exposed to. Therefore, it is recommended that you wet your hair with pure water before you go swimming. This will not allow your hair to absorb a lot of chlorine. Besides, wash your hair after swimming. Chlorine dries your hair and soaks it; therefore make sure you remove its effect

Hair Damage from Flat Iron Usage

If you have a flat iron at your disposal you can make any style possible. It is a very convenient device and a lot of women use it nowadays. However, it is fraught with certain harm to your hair. Flat irons use heat to style and this leads to hair weakening and damage as a result. Therefore, it you are accustomed to the usage of flat iron, there are certain things that you should remember.

Prevent Sun Damage to Your Hair

It is hard to underestimate the role of hair in our life, let along the fact that they are a part of our body and image and its loss can become a very upsetting condition. In summer hair is very much affected by the sun and its influence leads to dryness and damage. Everyone has got such an experience, for sure. It is not very pleasant; besides, such hair takes long time to grow.

Hair Loss due to Iron Deficiency

Hair loss is not a rare occasion. However, it has especially become frequent in non-menopausal women from 35 to 50 due to iron deficiency according to some clinical studies.

Does Your Hair Color Make You More Prone to Hair Loss?

There is no connection between the color of your hair (or your race) and the predisposition to lose hair. No matter if you are blond or brunette, or ginger – you are going to lose hair to some extent as this is normal. However, this is about your natural color. But frequent coloring can damage hair, especially if you do not take care if it properly.

Causes Of Hormonal Hair Loss In Women

A great number of women experience hormonal hair loss. Women pattern baldness is the main cause of hair loss in females. About 25% of people have this problem. What is the cause of women pattern baldness?

Does Bystolic Cause Hair Loss?

A wise and responsible approach to a healthy and long life means to be attentive to our health condition and all the signals our bodies send us. For many people in the USA one of the biggest health problems is hypertension, which is actually a high blood pressure. In fact, it means that the arteries of a person suffering from high pressure receive too much pressure constantly.

Circle Round Hair Loss

Alopecia is a reversible disease; and an uncertain, unpredictable spot baldness, where hair falls out, leaving a circular smooth hairless patch, which may overlap each other. The word "alopecia" comes from Greek which means "fox disease,” as the foxes changes its fur twice a year. The word "areata" means "occurring in patches or circumscribed areas." It is an autoimmune disease where the cells attack the hair follicles.

The List of Most Common Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss can appear at any age. Even people in their thirties may notice they shed more hair than they used to even a year ago. Both men and women can be affected. If you experience excessive hair loss, it's high time to take measures to stop it. Baldness can be prevented at early stages if necessary actions are taken.